KTM giving up on electric motorcycles for now

Oddly, after just announcing their new electric scooter concept, KTM's CEO is now saying that electric motorcycles are not ready for prime-time.  He is worried about fires and explosions and battery cost.  It sounds like he has been reading newspaper r… Go to Source

Please help!

I just bought a 2013 zero s 8.5 yesterday. It ran fine yesterday and most of today. However earlier I was riding and the bar battery gauge displayed half bars and the bluetooth app also indicated 50% charge. Well all of the sudden the RPM analog gauge … Go to Source

adaptor cord

Looking for a extension cord adaptor that plugs into your bike? I have a 2' one of these that I keep wired on the bike and just use any extension cord:http://… Go to Source

Xena XX10 Disc Lock Alarm review

Anyone interested in securing their bike with a disc lock might want to check out this review of the lock by Webbike World:  http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-lock/xena-xx10/ … Go to Source

KTM E-SPEED scooter concept

KTM  has just shown off its concept E-SPEED electric scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show.  This one looks pretty snazzy and should be great for Euro urban commuting. It looks like competition for the base version of the Brammo Enertia motorcycle – assuming… Go to Source

Front Forks

I recently had a chance to play with a DS front fork.  I was hopping on it rather energetically a little like a pogo stick.  I could find very little difference going from full soft to full hard on both the bump and rebound settings.  I am used to damp… Go to Source

Overall Noise

My 2013 DS seems to make more noise than my 2012 did.  There are some high pitched whine type noise that is reasonably loud.  Has anyone else noticed any differences with the 2013 or am I just crazy (very possible)? Go to Source

Wow… a whole lotta Pluses

On the Brammo FB page.  Caption: Enertia+ motorcycles in Germany ready for distribution to European dealerships! Go to Source


I finally got around to measuring my static sag and rider sag tonight. The Empulse R is a bit of a heavy bike, and so I expected the static sag to be a little high. It wasn't too bad in the front at 30 mm for static and 40 mm with the rider. The rear ...

Finally Got Mine! Woo-hoo!

Yup… it all happened very fast.  I had the BMW S1kRR up for sale – nothing for weeks, then boom! – I start getting emails.  Long story short, I tell this guy that I'm showing the bike after work to a local and he says he'll drive 3 hours to beat him … Go to ...