cold weather performance

Howdy,I'm trying to decide whether or not to get a 2013 Zero S, but I live in Colorado. Leaving aside the tax thing, does anyone have any real-world experience with operating the motorcycle in cold weather? Zero's documentation says that the 2013 S ba… Go to Source

Battery use over time.

Here's a graph I made using log data that plots battery use vs speed. There are several sets of data for several days of recordings. The full det… Go to Source

Zero’s Top Box

Zero provides an accessory page for a top box. It appears to be a Givi E340 Vision … Go to Source

motor break-in?

I'm guessing that because these are electric, there are no break-in procedures with a new bike.  Correct? Go to Source

New Livery – Hint: NOT camoflage

Wonder if it will make a "Nom Nom" sound if you press the horn. Go to Source

Enorm V3 Bullet

Def not cooler than a Harley but still pretty cool. Aesthetics in great form for an electric bike!… Go to Source

Battery Pack Fuse

Does anyone knows what size the fuse inside the battery pack of a 2012 S/DS ZF9 is? It would save my to open the pack. Thanks in advance Go to Source

AOL Autos Translogic – Brammo Empulse R Lot's going on here besides an interview of Craig and a test ride.  Anyone spot the new liv… Go to Source

Log drive dead

While I had my bike apart today I tried to download all of the logs but the drive was not recognized in 2 computers.  I had previously read it just fine on two occasions on my desktop PC, but today the machine refused to even recognize the drive. On my… Go to Source

Daylight savings time

I would have thought that since the Empulse knows the date that it would adjust for DST, but my clock was an hour off.  In case you are wondering how to fix it, here are the instructions posted by CAT in another thread… [url=… Go to Source