ESBK Studios: Episode 19 Brammo’s Eric Bostrom and Shelina Moreda

ESBK Studios: Episode 19 Brammo’s Eric Bostrom and Shelina Moreda The short version:…helina-moreda/ The full version with talk about transmissions,… Go to Source

Mudguard for the DS?

After a recent rain, I have mud splattered on the bike's tail and some of my jacket. I'm a little disappointed that the tail section doesn't have a stock mudguard on it. Has anyone discovered one that will fit the DS, probably by extending the built-in… Go to Source

custom license plate!

Well, my request finally wound its way through the bowels of the California DMV.  After a couple months, I am now in possession of one of the absolute nerdiest custom plate jokes known to man. [img width=600 height=450][/i… Go to Source

2013 Zero S/DS "tank" compartment review

I found it difficult to judge the size and usefulness of the storage compartment for the 2013 DS until I got it home and tried using it. I've uploaded some photos to Flickr which give some general idea. In short, it's good for a water bottle, lunch, sn… Go to Source

Long Term 2012 Zero DS Thread on ADV Forum

I started a long term review thread for my 2012 Zero DS over on the Adventure Rider Forum. If any of you EV riders here are interested and would like to share your EV owning experiences over there please pop into the thread and post. [url=http://advrid… Go to Source

FX regen programming

FYI The factory setting for the FX regen has it go to 1/2 of setting at 1000 rpm and cutout completely at 500 rpm. I like the regen to stay active at lower speeds when I'm dirt riding. On the advice of Zero I took my bike to Harlan (Hollywood Electrics… Go to Source

Test Ride First Impressions

Since I'm not yet an owner, but very interested I scheduled a test ride today at BMW San Diego. I currently ride a 2007 Ducati Multistrada 1100S. I have owned everything from dirt bikes to supermotos Hayabusa, Aprilia RSV 1000 to Hypermotard. I have be… Go to Source

EV Clubs/Associations/Groups

So, I was wondering….. who here has joined their local EV club/association/group? Here in Oregon we have a local EAA chapter called Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA), of which I'm a member. We have quite a few members already, but we're look… Go to Source

BikeHK Video starring Brammo Hong Kong’s Matt McGuire

I missed this video from December 2012.  Lots of great footage of the Empulse R.  Forum member mmcguire (Matt, from Brammo Hong Kong a/k/a JCAM) stars in it: Brammo Empulse R 本地試騎 Go to Source

Brammo Motorcycles group on LinkedIn

Looks like Brammo just started a "Brammo Motorcycles Group" on LinkedIn.  If you're interested, feel free to sign up.  It's not limited to employees.… Go to Source