Cool Motoczysz Design Videos

A bit of an Nvidia/Solidworks commercial but still interesting. [url=http://m… Go to Source

Modification at the rear part?

Hi, I just got to this side (created in 2008)… Go to Source

Mechanical KERS(not motor regen) In An Electric Motorcycle? Is this possible? Has it ever been attempted? "The first of these systems to be revealed was the Flybrid.[6] This system weighs 24 kg (53lbs) and has an energy capacity … Go to Source

Washing the bike…

So last Saturday, after running up some dirt roads with a lot of spring run off on them, I got my 13' DS pretty muddy. When I took the bike home and sprayed all the mud off of it I noticed that I was now getting a warning light blinking. I looked up wh… Go ...


Supermoto 13 FX. Yes please! Go to Source

some home brew trials bikes

Rage Films Action Reel – Brammo Empulse RR

Steve Atlas at :58, 1:20, and 2:00 – but it's an excellent video all around.  Rage Films Action Reel Go to Source

Wet Weather Riding

I rode the Empulse into work today right after a rainstorm. It's got little to no frontal coverage, but that was to be expected. What really surprised me was how ineffective the hugger is for keeping the spray off of my back. My courier bag's exterior … Go to Source

Empulse charging at Vinsetta Garage

Thought this photo was a keeper: Go to Source

Mines Road!

For those of you not in the bay area, Mines Rd is a rather remote stretch of highway in the east bay.  (One of the only roads I've seen with its own page of Yelp reviews.)  For a map, see [url=htt… Go to Source