Chain hitting swing arm

I was doing a little cleaning and my rag snagged on the lower part of the swing arm pivot… Looks like the chain on the Empulse rubs on the swing arm pivot since the front sprocket size makes for a tight fit.  It cuts into the surface finish and runs … Go to Source

Eco vs. Sport mode

This is my first post to this forum after lurking about for a few months. I just rode home a new 2013 DS after a long wait since last Oct. I almost settled on a 2012 DS but the lackluster acceleration at low speeds was a deal-breaker for me. I have bee… Go to Source

OMG, Thank You for Sport Mode!

In Eco mode, the Empulse handles like a proper sportbike, but it just doesn't feel like a sportbike especially when restricted to 5000 rpms or less. I was a little worried that a bit of buyers remorse might kick in. Sure I knew exactly what I bought, b… Go to Source

Shiun "Choppers Forever" Electric Bike [url=http:/… Go to Source


Is it possible to jumpstart another vehicle with a Zero?  I'm just curious, with the huge battery and all.  If so, how would it be done? Go to Source


Hi all, Not an owner yet, but learning from the forum. Selling my 2008 Seadoo Speedster 150 supercharged 215hp just in time for spring/ summer to make space for a Brammo. Look forward to interacting with you all. Cheers,Emplusive Go to Source

Brammo Tail Tidy Mod Install

Pretty simple DIY install: Time: <1hrDifficulty:  EasyTools: H5 allen?  8mm socket Pretty easy install.  Just a couple things.  I would take the seat off first.  The wiring connectors are closer to the bike side vs the light side of the long tail.  I… Go to Source

Zero S vs Empulse R ride

I just returned from a 75-mile ride with Bill (Sunnysideup).  Me on my 2012 Zero S and Bill on his 2013 Empulse R. We traveled from my home in Pacifica, north and east to Sharps Park Road, then south along I-280 at 60 mph, turned off on to Highway 35, … Go to Source

Zero S vs Empulse R ride

I made a double-post, so since I can't delete my own posts, attached is a photo of Bill, his Empulse R and his charging cord at the Mexican Restaurant in Montara, CA Go to Source

ChargePoint and ECOtality collaborating

According to an article in the business section of my newspaper, written by Dana Hull,, ChargePoint (11,000 charging stations) and ECOtolity (4,000 charging stations) are collaborating via a separate service they call Collaboratev… Go to Source