2012 DS mods moved to 2013 FX

I've now moved three mods that I did to the 2012 DS over to the 2013 FX. 1st was the Corbin low seat. This has moved from the 2010 DS to the 2012 DS and now to the 2013 FX. Because of minor changes in each of those years I've had to modify the rear ...

Goodie package from Brammo!

I need to thank Brammobrian and Adrian S. from Brammo for helping get these mods.  They are slowly getting the production/ordering/distribution for their aftermarket parts together.  I was a guinea pig of sorts as they tried to get it all sorted out. B… Go to Source

Craig on Fox Business News.

Anybody see Craig on Fox Business News this morning? I'm sure it was an easy interview, as Fox News just LOVES EVs and anything that seems remotely Green…  He was to be on Varney and Co for about 5 minutes: "Varney & Co." (9:20-11 AM/ET) I was wo… Go to Source

PIAA Horn install

I tucked the PIAA horn further up and connected it with nylon ties instead. Peeled the sticker off to make it less noticeable. Sounds great.http://brammoforum.com/index.php?act… Go to Source

It’s not about having a problem, it’s about how you respond

Zero continues to impress…….. First, the 2013 bike is simply amazing and that is saying something since the 2012 DS was a darn good bike.  The 2013 is simply better. About the title-My 2013 DS started clicking towards the rear after a few miles.  … Go to Source

Brammo Empulse R at Jennings GP

Posted by Eurocycles of Tampa Bay"Published on Mar 5, 2013Leisurely 2 minute lap of Jennings GP on the all electric Brammo Empulse R. Camera was adjusted for my sport bike, so you don't get to see too much of the Brammo, but you get an idea of what i… Go to Source

2013 model questions

On Feburary 20th I purchased a 2013 DS 11.4. The bike has really been truly amazing, just a joy to ride to work everyday. I used it for my daily commute of 66 miles round trip from Tooele, UT to Salt Lake City, UT. As the temperatures here have been ve… Go to Source

Cable Sheaths

Does anyone know if the sheaths that cover the wiring to the motor are supposed to completely cover them or should some orange be exposed near the motor itself? Go to Source

A Zero review in City Bike magazine

I finally finished reading the March issue of City Bike. That would be the issue that also reviewed the Empulse R. This review is a little different. The full-page article is on page 21 and is written by Maynard Hershon, a longtime monthly contr… Go to Source

Another City Bike Zero review article

This review is a little different. The full-page article is in the March 2013 issue of City Bike and is written by Maynard Hershon, a longtime monthly contributor to the magazine. The article is on page 21 and is titled "Finally, An attractive O… Go to Source