[Review] Motorcycle-USA

They review the 2013 S model. Overall a positive review, spelling out the changes that make this year's models only a very slight compromise and bi… Go to Source

Empulse RRs in the service bay

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GearChic reviews the Empulse

Article:http://moterrific.com/2013/04/01/episode-4-girls-gone-electric-… Go to Source

Zero FX… Possible to add passenger foot pegs?

My bike should be here next week (2013 5.7 FX w/quick charger) and I'm interested if there's any possiblity of modding in some rear passenger foot pegs, my wife is only about 110lbs; shouldn't be an issue for the bike I think for short little rides. I… Go to Source

My First Mod…

Busy Busy Busy…and just got the bike this AM (a whole story in itself that I might or might not share)… I won't have time to do too much till this weekend…so there will be little riding and little modding till then. But I did have the bike come w… Go to Source

Effect of Delayed Charging on Battery Health/Life ?

In the 2012 Zero DS owners manual Zero suggests that the motorcycle should be plugged in immediately after riding and the batteries should not be left in a discharged state. Where I live my power company offers lower cost power after 9 PM at night.   I… Go to Source

2014 models

I know this is way early to start a topic about next years model range, but I just can't help it. I just recently took the decision to postpone the buying of a zero until next year. It's frustrating but I'll try comforting myself by looking forward of … Go to Source

Tesla to Race in NASCAR

http://www.edmunds.com/car-news/tesla-to-race-in-nascar-sprint-cup-series.html   Go to Source

Zero test drive

I took a nice test ride on a 2012 Zero S ZF9 today around Amsterdam. I was hoping to go for a ride on the 2013 DS they also had on display but that was not possible. I took it for about 50km along the Amstel river and back via some smaller villages. Th… Go ...