Empulse versus Zero S cost breakdown

I saw on another forum that someone was calculating the cost per mile range of cars, and figured I'd do the same for the Empulse/R and Zero S models. then I went further and tried to put them on a more even playing field with respect to charging. Here'… Go to Source

2013 Zero FX… Throttle doesn’t respond

So yesterday I rode my bike, couldn't help it, had to do it (it's got the clicking issue, waiting on parts, neither Zero nor my dealer said not to ride it so I did…) on the way home after an easy ride (40mph max, on pavement) I wen't over a small ind… Go to Source

Some areas where the Plus might be a better option for some.

Ok…make no mistake…the Empulse is in almost every way a much better motorcycle than the Plus. Faster, 2-up riding, fun, above highway speed driving, water cooled, top of the line components. With shifting and leaning, it is a true motorcycle vs a c… Go to Source

A really scary helmet

The Russians have designed a helmet that should help clear the roads of any "road boulders" in front of you.  This helmet, with the appropriate riding gear and your Empulse should make a statement that other drivers will not soon forget: [url=http://ne… Go to Source

Another glitch

My 2012 DS ZF9 has developed an annoying glitch. I feel and hear a little "thud" sound from the motor and all of the sudden all the power is lost. Applying throttle even causes a slowdown if moving; applying throttle while standing still will induce a … Go to Source

Brammo News: Parker Puts its Money where it’s Motor is, Testing Tid-Bits, and AF

http://esbk.co/2013/04/19/brammo-news-parker-puts-its-money-where-its-motor-is-testing-tid-bits-and-afm-preview/ I don't like to… Go to Source

2013 Zero DS review by Wired.com

Here is a review of the 2013 Zero DS by Wired.com:  http://www.wired.com/reviews/2013/04/zero-ds/ Go to Source

Earth Day April 22, 2013

What are your plans for Earth Day? me: I rode in to work, will ride to lunch somewhere there's a L2 charging station and try it out for the first time, then stop somewhere on the way home to get stuff to cook for dinner. Go to Source

Wired’s Review of Zero DS

http://www.wired.com/reviews/2013/04/zero-ds/ Reading about the DS for months has made me think a little about Brammo's decisions for the Empulse. Well after reading Wired's review, I'm certain t… Go to Source

Tesla EVSE

Does anyone know the trick to getting full power out of this charger?  I'm only getting 15 amps. Will the firmware update improve the "comparability"? I'm assuming I don't want to hit the charge button in the "high power connector" section, right?[img … Go to Source