Need to rebalance your battery? SOLUTION

Hi guys, This problem have been adressed for a while about some previous battery problem falling out of balance or for people that replaced some bank in their packs for repair or people that had overdischarged battery due to too long storage perriod. O… Go to Source

Eco / Sport switch not existing on the 2010 and 2011 DS zero?

Hi guys, i know there is few model that have this switch, but i have the 2010 and 2011 zero DS and they dont… Does someone know where it usually connect and if the DS 2010 and 2011 MBB is compatible? I huess it's a 3 wire switch so i need 3 connectio… Go to ...

Damping rear shock

On my ZF9S I have the rear spring rate dialed in but it is under dampened (too bouncy).The little red knob (see photo)seems to have no effect. Anyone got some clues? Go to Source

Delta-Q User’s Guide

If someone need to check if the Delta-Q use the right algorithm I have attached the "User's Guide" and "Programming Instructions" I got with my additional Chargers.    Go to Source

NEED Pics of the 2013 S and DS top frame !

Please could someone take fre pics of thhis 2013 zero S or DS on the top of the frame?.. I am about to fit a 2013 seat  and "gas tank"on  my 2011 DS frame and i would love to have some more info before to file or cut something. Best would be a picture … ...

2012 Zero S ZF6 resale value??

Just curious: has anybody tried to buy or sell a 2012 ZF6?Since those bikes don't need any maintenance, and the batteries are good for +200,000 miles, I am curious how the value is dropping over time. One would assume that the value should hold prett… Go to Source

DMV Registration Renewal

I am just curious to hear if $147 is normal for the registration renewal of a 2012 Zero S Motorcycle??It seems pretty high for a small motorcycle like that, especially since it's an EV. Shouldn't there be an incentive with reduced registration pricin… Go to Source

New 2013 DS owner getting nervous to get his bike in France

Good morning, I jumped into the 21st century by ordering a 2013 DS 11kwh here in France. The Zero range is now imported in Europe, there is a retailler in the "big" town near me (Lyon, center of France).But…. it's primary a city bike shop !!! I'm a … Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 21 Interview with John Marshall of VT Bolt

2013 TTX57 winners VT Bolt.  Frodus's old school.[/ur… Go to Source

Epic Torq EV roadster video review

Here is an interesting 7-minute video review of the Epic Torq EV reverse-trike roadster vehicle:… Go to Source