New development in super capacitors

Here is a link to an article about another development in super capacitors. These devices could eventually become the power storage and delivery systems for electric vehicles. Especially since the recharge time would be about what it takes to fill a f… Go to Source

Paddle Shifters on E-Autos?

I was watching the the video on the Cadillac ELR's "Paddle Shifters". Seems they're trying to put a little more control on the driver's hands. They took away the transmission, so this is a way of giving back a tool to the driver (as Brammo might say). … Go to Source

Brammo Empulse vs. Zero S 11.4

I absolutely don't get it – why does it take ages for someone somewhere on this planet to compare these 2 most promising mass-market e-bikes against each other. I am a big Zero fan – I fear that Brammo might take the performance crown for 2013 – but I … Go to Source

Zero motorcycle support

I just bought a 2011 zero mx used from someone who only had 72 miles on the bike.  It appears that he just bought it three months ago himself but the limited range prevented him from using it for commuting as he had hoped. I have two questions.  One is… Go to Source

2012 Zero DS zf9 is perfect!

I have been riding this bike for a little while now while Zero fixes my '13 bike. I have to say, this bike gets the job done. The range is impressive; I can easily achieve 80 miles per charge zipping around town at 55 mph. 100 miles per charge also see… Go to Source

Hypothetical Zero touring bike – what would you pay?

In the 2014 model thread we talked about what we are likely to see next year. This is not about what we're likely to see, but more of what Zero *could* build. The 2013 ZF11.4 models use 4 ZF2.8 modules. It'd be a bit of a packaging challenge, but I bel… Go to Source

Pulled Over on the Empulse

I was riding through campus today and rode right past a speed trap manned by a bicycle cop and a motorcycle cop. I snooped it out early and so I was able to check my speed real quick to make sure I was under 25mph. I was. I then stopped at the stop sig… Go ...

TT Zero race survey

Motor Cycle News has posted a survey asking if you are interested in the TT Zero electric motorcycle racing series.  I thought someone here might want to express their opinion regarding this matter:  [url=… Go to Source

Baertschi skates confidently into NHL fray

Sven Baertschis this is the NHL moment came at precisely 5:56 through the third period inside 5-3 Calgary Flames victory relating to the Winnipeg Jets. Your situation seemed innocuous enough. The fresh-faced rookie involved in a foot-race with Randy J… Go to Source

Sport/Eco selection

My dealer told me I could select on the fly. The manual says "To select either ofthe switch positions, the motorcycle must be stoppedand the key switch in the OFF position." Is the manual just being overly cautious or is there a mechanical/electrical… Go to Source