2009 Zero X – NEED BATTERY HELP!- Need Fourm members help!

I have a new to me '09 Zero X in overall very good condition.  Aftermarket light & signal kit, White Bros fork, two batteries, and two chargers.  Unfortunately both of the batteries are 'dead', as they sat idle for quite long time. I was pretty disappo… Go to Source

Steve Atlas at Thunderhill

and just a bit of lean…. [img width=600 height=400]https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/15205_10151342012870443_1432297230_n.j… Go to Source

Shelina’s New Ride

Pink tigress? Go to Source

Our Second EV!

Not what you may think… I have not gotten my Empulse yet. Hopefully soon… But we now have our second EV. Just this last week we took delivery of a RAV4 EV. This vehicle is Toyota's (and Tesla's) best kept secret. We absolutely LOVE this car! Pictur… Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 20 Interview with Felix Lebel of Project EMUS

Canadian college engineering team will be entering the eRR in 2015.  Here's the scoop.  First part of a series of college teams. Short version:  h… Go to Source

Rear Brake

Hi Enertia Riders, what is your experience with the rear brake? Working well? – Rano Go to Source

Owners: Post a recommendation on Brammo’s Linkedin page

Brammo just posted this on their Facebook page: Quote Brammo owners, if you have a chance, stop by our LinkedIn page and give us a recommendation. I did it[url=http://www.linkedin.com/company/brammo/brammo-enertia-electric-motorcycle-659485/pr… Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia – Las Vegas, NV

Hey all – my father recently passed and had a 2010 Brammo Enertia here in Las Vegas.  He loved this thing, but the LV market is not really an EV market at all – you can't get terribly far other then in town trips, so local sales are looking to be more … Go to ...

Empulse Minus the R

I think I recall Brian mentioning that the "regular" Empulse would hit production in April. Anyone get an update on this at all? Go to Source

Electric car made in Canada but can’t be sold there.

Electric car made in Canada but can't be sold there. Check it out:  http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ri2BG2qOvCg?feature=player_detailpage Trikester Go to Source