2013 SES TT Zero Day 1 Qualifying Times

Looks like another close battle is in store for between the Mugen and MotoCzysz teams. The qualifying times show a strong improvement by Mugen and McPint over last year. Mark Miller also commented on facebook that his time has improved. Rob Barber also had a much faster lap than last year. Who knows what the ...

DS Battery

Has anyone successfully removed the battery from a DS? My company is planning on purchasing one of their powertrains from the 11.4 kwh model, and I'm trying to figure out how hard it'll be to remove from a motorcycle frame. (What better way to transpor… Go to Source

Bit of a change…(teaser)

I had the guys who wrap and clear bra my cars do the Empulse.  I asked to do a cafe racer kinda look.  This is what he texted to me….looks interesting!  Good thing is it acts like clear bra so no worries about scratching the tank with my jacket etc….. Go to Source

First Pictures of the 2013 Motocysz E1PC!!!

http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/tag/2013-motoczysz-e1pc/ http://ultimatemotorcycling.com/motoczys… Go to Source

Portable charger lock

I've been looking for some way to lock the portable charger to the Empulse.  So far the best option is: http://www.masterlock.com/products/product_details/8156DPSThe master lock pro… Go to Source

Added a fun bumper sticker to my bike

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Wrote the copy, designed the sign.  Go to Source

Anybody knowing details about 2013 zero’s bluetooth protocol ???

I was wondering if anybody had info regarding this protocol, in order to develop specific apps (like setting max speed lower than 90 km/h, different displays,…). Go to Source

Where to Attach a Temporary Plate

Finally got my 60-day temporary plate, and my Empulse is now road legal!  I was going to laminate, basically a piece of paper, and mount it to the license plate holder.  The DMV clerk said the gas guys just tape theirs to the gas tanks, which I do have… Go to Source

Mission Motorcycles "RS" and "R" Electric Bikes $60K!!!

http://www.wired.com/autopia/2013/05/mission-motorcycles-rs/ Go to Source

Givi top rack / case arrived

The official Zero top rack arrived with the Givi E340 Monolock top case. Installation took just a couple of allen wrenches (5mm to get the seat bolts off, 4mm for the rack mount bol… Go to Source