ESBK Studios Special: Shelina Spills the Beans!

Shelina and I talk about the first day of practice for for her and the team running with the AFM at Sonoma Raceway.  We talk not just about the TTX, but to everyone's surprise the Engage as well! [url=… Go to Source

Got my 2013 Zero S 11.4!!

Brought a 2013 Zero S ZF11.4 home on Tuesday and then my periodic on-call rotation at work prevented me from riding until today. I cannot get rid of this smirk that is pasted on my face! I have no words for how awesome this bike is. I am obviously in t… Go to Source

I pulled the plug…

I pulled the plug (pun intended). Bought my Zero S 11.4 today. LOVE IT! It shall be called Pikachu, after the all electric Pokemon. Go to Source

Quick Charge 2013 DS/S

I just saw one Zero DS 2013 up to now at the exhibition, but couldn’t make out where to connect the second charger. Does anyone use the quick charger option at a 2013 DS/S and let me know how it works. THX Go to Source

Oops-1st 2013 FX fail to start

Yesterday I experienced the first "fail to start" on my 2013 FX. I was all prepared for a Utah dirt ride -turned on the key switch and rolled the throttle, and – nothing. Naturally, I checked my side stand and kill switch, and checked again. All OK… Go to Source

Zeros at the track

M1GP "hollywood electrics class" is the first electric motorcycle grass roots racing effort ever, as far as I am aware, and some of the engineers who designed the bikes are participating! How cool is that? Word is the electrics took 2nd and 3rd in the … Go to Source


Anyone know how to tighten the mirrors? Go to Source

Motorcyclist Staff blogging about 2013 Zero S daily I thought this was interesting. Go to Source

Racing to Watch For: This Weekend 1st Rnd of Aussie eFX and Brammo Takes Gas Bik

Racing to Watch For: This Weekend 1st Rnd of Aussie eFX and Brammo Takes Gas Bikes Head-on!… Go to Source

Dead Battery Left Me Stranded

I hopped on the bike to ride to campus today. I stopped off at a gas station, and the bike wouldn't start back up. Just like the controversial New York Times article on Tesla, my bike rode home in the back of my pickup truck later in the day. Thing is,… Go to Source