Atlas Blogs about Thunderhill Testing

For some reason I missed this when it came out.2013 Team Icon Brammo Racing Season Blog #2, by Steve AtlasThis kind of sums it up: Quote Well, after two good sessions of fine-timing the chassis and wor… Go to Source

2012 motor oscillation behavior (possibly related to glitch 2.0)

Switched the bike on going home from work. Twisted the grip, motor would move the bike first slightly forward (4-6"), then slightly back (4-6"), then more slightly forward (~2"), then more slightly back (~2"), then stopped moving but started making a e… Go to Source

Mastering the Empulse

I seem to remember reading a post from BrammoBrian in the thread "dealing with the clunk" where he wrote about "mastering the bike" so I thought I would start a thread about "Mastering the Empulse".  Now that I have over 2,000 miles on the bike I'm g… Go to Source

MEASURED DATA Zero DS 2011 Wh vs speed

Today i tested with good accuracy the consumption of my DS 2011. I tested it on what appear to be a flat paved road (no apparent slope). – wind of 15km/h in one direction ( i did one pass in each direction and then calculated the average)-Outdoor tem… Go to Source

Zero brochures

I just sent in my registration for the local high school's "Industrial Tech" Car Show that will be held in a couple of weeks.  I plan to place my 2012 Zero S on display in the hopes of generating some interest in, and discussion about, electric motorcy… Go to Source

Anyone notice the barking dogs?

Perhaps it's because we can hear more of what's going on around us, but I have noticed ever since I started riding my Enertia that dogs tend to bark at me when I ride past.  I wonder if the sound of the motor bothers their ears or if it's something els… Go to Source