2013 Team Icon Brammo Racing Season Blog #3, by Steve Atlas

http://www.brammo.com/blogs/?p=1831 Steve Atlas On-Board – AFM Formula 1 Race Start – Sonoma, 2013 Nice wrap up, just in tim… Go to Source

Musk provides some details on Supercharger network expansion

Should see a news blurb about this today. Was revealed late last night at a D11 interview. Musk claims by the end of 2013 you will be able to drive from NYC to LA entirely on Superchargers.[url=http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/29/elon-musk-reveals-supe… Go to Source

Ask Craig Bramscher a question!

On the Electric Generation this coming Friday, Craig will be answering questions. Post yours here. Go to Source

Recall Notice

I can't believe I'm the first person to see this! http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/808/16279/Motorcycle-Article/2013-Brammo-Empulse-Recall-Notice.aspx[/… Go to Source

Buying a 2013 S

I haven't posted in about a year since trading in my 2011 S, but I am about to buy a 2013 S demo with 215 miles on it. I actually test rode the bike (along with a Brammo R at another dealer a couple months ago) and the opportunity presented itself to b… Go to ...

Proper Frame Sliders for the Empulse

I realize that the frame slider bolts are 10mm size, but after receiving the Woodcraft frame sliders for the Suzuki SV650 I realized that they are definitely not the right sliders for the Empulse. I think the Shogun sliders for the SV650 may work, but … Go to Source

Will Zero Put Itself on the US/Canada Import List?

Every serious manufacturer of motorcycles, and a number of small manufacturers, are on a list that makes it possible for an American to buy one of their motorcycles in Canada, new or used, or for a Canadian to buy one of their motorcycles, new or used,… Go to Source

Vectrix to sell their VT-1 electric motorcycle

According to this article, Vectrix claims that it will be marketing a new small motorcycle called the VT-1.  It will be designed for in-town commuting use and will have replaceable batteries and a top speed of 55 mph.  Here is a link to the story: [url… Go to Source

2010 DS 10x red flashes on warning indicator

My DS 2010 gets 10x red flashes on warning indicator and dashboard is black. Does not run. Any ideas what it can be? Go to Source

DIY Panniers and Supports

You guys might have noticed that the 2013 Zero S is put together pretty tightly. So tightly, in fact, that most of the fasteners are almost entirely hidden. This approach to engineering the bike means that there aren't many options for attaching things… Go to Source