Motoczysz E1PC ride review

The July (is it July already?) issue of Motorcyclist magazine contains a two-page "First Ride" article (starting on page 62) by Alan Cathcart who details his ride on the Motoczysz E1PC electric racer.  It is subtitled "Riding the Digital Superbi… Go to Source

ESBK Studios: Episode 23 Interview with Tyler Rowan of SPSU

A great and fun interview with Tyler Rowan of the Motorcycle project side of the Southern Polytechnic State University‚Äôs Electric Vehicle Team.  Say that three times fast.  his is the fifth University club/team I have found with serious aspersions of b… Go to Source

weak throttle problem solved

My 2012 Zero S was weak in the acceleration and could not reach the top speed on hightway.A disassembly of the throttle showed that the sensor for the speed was loose and turned around when I opened for the throttle. The sensor must not rotate!The gr… Go to Source

Headlight adjustment?

I took a short night ride to try out the headlight.  I found that the beam is way out of alignment.  The bottom of the low beam hits about 20-30 in front of the bike.  On level ground the high beam never hits the ground.  At a 100 yards the high beams … Go to ...

EV’s being IC’ed in Los Gatos, CA

According to an article in my newspaper, the town of Los Gatos, CA, has been having problems with non-Ev's hogging public charging stations in their downtown.  The city has been receiving complaints that IC cars have been parking in front of EV chargin… Go to Source

Real life range for 2013 models, with or without passengers

Dear 2013 users, Sunny days are coming and I was planning a trip with my zero S, but I wondered what range could be achieved with a passenger in realistic conditions (ie, not aggressive, but real traffic or stop & go) ? Does it strongly reduce range ? … Go to Source

Isle of Man SES TT Zero 2013

Schedule: Isle of Man is UTC +1 with DST. EDT is UTC -4, PDT is UTC -7. There are 3 practice sessions scheduled,… Go to Source

Lightning Strikes my Zero S

Lightning bolt reflective decals, that is.  Pikachu gets some more bling. Safety bling. Go to Source

My Vanity Non-Vanity Plates

So I was going to spring for vanity plates for the bike. But decided the $60 one time charge and $25 per year surcharge was not going to be worth it. So I just had the DMV give me regular plates. Imagine my surprise with I realized I got vanity plates … Go to Source

Mirror Tip of the Day

For more visibility of what's in your side lines, try flipping your mirrors upside down. I did that today and really like the extra real estate I get on what vehicles are in the other lanes. Try it. You may like it. "Objects in mirror may appear closer… Go to Source