Motorcycle security

Here is a pretty decent and interesting article about how you can prevent the theft of your motorcycle, although (personally) I don't think there is much of a market for electric motorcycles or their parts yet.  That would eliminate professional thieve… Go to Source

Motorcycle.Com : Brammo Empulse one of "Top Ten Modern Classics"

Article here: Quote Yes, folks, whether you like it or not, the electric bike movement is he… Go to Source

Spot the differences!

A week ago my bike was delivered back from Germany. It was very well taken care of by Marcin, he got rid of all error messages and I received these side bags from Brammo for free… Go to Source

Brammo @ 2013 REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event @ Laguna Seca I've wanted them to attend this race for a long time.  Zero always seems to show up. Go to Source

Is the bike ‘restricted’

It always feels to me as though the bike is quite heavily restricted at lower speeds, i assume to make it rider friendly and improve range.  Is the controller purposely limiting current at low rpm or is it a characteristic of the motor itself or just t… Go to Source

Autoweek likes the DS

Here is a favorable review of the DS in Autoweek magazine: Enjoy! Go to Source

TORQUE OR SPEED MODE on zero MBB setting

Today i playes again with the setting on the MBB of my zero to learn what each of them is really affecting the zero performances and how. I remarked that the stock mode of the zero os TORQUE ( same feeling like the ICE give)  I have observed that this … Go to Source

DS 2011 LOW BANK battery no 1

 Few month ago, i had measured my 2011 DS battery that i suspected to have a low bank. I had discovered that at the end of the dishcharge ( when one or more cell bank reach the low voltage limit)  there was 400mW difference between this low bank while … Go to Source

Epic Torq Roadster

Yesterday I entered my Zero in the local high school auto show. While my bike didn't generate much interest, the Epic Torq Roadster that was on display seemed to be more of an attraction – although nothing like the guy with a bunch of old bikes parked … Go to Source

buy a used 2011 Zero S?

So I've been reading a lot about e-bikes in general, and Zero in particular, and I've just about convinced myself that I need to have one. Only catch is that it's not really feasible for me to buy the latest/greatest 2013 S model. From what I've read, … Go to Source