Fun Trip

After my long-distance ride yesterday and today I wanted to make a ride just for fun. After leavin Vienna to the south west side, there are hilly roads and a lot of other motorbikers. It was great! 56 km of fun, battery is now at 33%  It is amazing … Go to Source

European Empulse E1 delivery

Well, this adresses more or less BrammoBrian respectively Brammo*, but as others might be very much interested I think a public forum is the right place: As the Empulse E1 seems to get delivered in the US now (Im still impressed by the beautifull matte… Go to Source

pulled the trigger

So I got my own Zero S yesterday. Immediately got to experience an entirely new lifestyle. For a variety of reasons (I'm assuming some dumbass unplugged it) my bike was at half charge when the dealership closed. The plan was to ride it back home roughl… Go to Source

Automatic chain oiling system About halfway down the article it talks about an automatic oiling system for a bike chain… Go to Source

Enertia Plus on GearPatrol

I saw this feature on starter motorcycles and figured I'd share: Pretty decent write-up, too. Go to Source

Tip for Dutch lurkers

The Dutch road assistance company (ANWB) has arranged full day test rides/rentals for a selection of new bikes for the 2013 modelyear.One of those bikes is a 2013 Zero S and it costs €30,- for the day 9AM to 4PMI have booked my test ride for June 2! … Go to Source

Zero lands deal of 59 bikes for Hong Kong police

now, next week I am again in Hong Kong. always meant to see the BRammo bikes that they had sitting with a distributor for a couple of years now. and today, Zero Germany (all in German) shares that they landed a big fleet deal. in fact the biggest Zero… Go to Source

ESBK Studios Special: Round 4 of the M1GP with Jerimiah Johnson

I catch up with “JJ” while he was driving back across the country on his way back home to Florida.… Go to Source

Skuzzle’s empulse E1 has arrived

Picked up my new Empulse yesterday.  Unfortunately it rained during the ride home so it's already dirty.  I need to improve on my shifting.  Going up is easy, but down seems a little strange.  First work commute, 21.5 miles, was done with 68% charge re… Go to Source

XU Range and Quick Charger

Zero says that the range, with one battery,  is 38 miles in the city and 24 miles on a highway at 55 mph. Are there any XU owners who can tell me how close these numbers are to real world performance? Also, could someone tell me what the dimensions and… Go to Source