XU Range and Quick Charger

Zero says that the range, with one battery,  is 38 miles in the city and 24 miles on a highway at 55 mph. Are there any XU owners who can tell me how close these numbers are to real world performance? Also, could someone tell me what the dimensions and… Go to Source

One Kill-a-watt Dead

Just hit the 2,000 mile mark today. Came back after an hour of being plugged in at home after work to find the bike not charging. Hitting the reset button on the GFCI was able to get power back. Upon closer inspection of the Kill-a-watt, the plastic be… Go to Source

Reflective Lightning Bolt Decals

I ordered these yesterday from Streetglo for my yellow Zero S. Probably put a couple on my helmet too. Link in case you are interested: [url=http://… Go to Source

Brammo Day Contest this weekend

Just saw this on the Eurocycles of Tampa Bay site (but it's at all Brammo dealer locations): Quote This weekend at Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay! Brammo Day Contest Rules: In o… Go to Source

Conversation at my car mechanic’s this morning

Mechanic: Is that an electric bike? Me: Yes. 100% electric. Mechanic: We were debating if it was. But it has gas, right? Me: Um, no. 100% electric.  Go to Source

Star wars pod racer sound on your zero !

a guy from our forum tried a zero with this feature. i'm searching wich device it is exactly Best sounding bike ever ? Doc Go to Source

I may have worked around the startup glitch

I know that only a few 2012 Zero owners have experienced the two-step startup glitch, where sometimes it takes two boots to get the throttle to function when the bike is first used in the morning after charging all night. It really isn't much of an iss… Go to Source

Pics of "Pickachu", my new Zero S

I added some minor mods to my new Zero S. I named it Pikachu after the electric Pokemon. So I had to add some Pikachu bling to the bike. Thinking about getting vanity plates too.  Took the bike by Erico Motorsports (they specialize in European bikes… Go to Source

MOVED: ESBK Studios: Episode 22 Interview with John Kennedy of RIT

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Commuting through Moscow traffic on an electric motorcycle

Here is a link to a 25-minute long video showing a rider on a home-built electric motorcycle riding through Moscow traffic.  This guy really knows how to split lanes and is proof positive that you don't need loud pipes to save lives – you just need to … Go to Source