Upcoming 2 wheel EVs

I'm trying to collect a list of existing and upcoming 2 wheel EVs.  I want to include everything from the KTM scooter to the GOVECS scooter to the Mission R etc. Any links to product sites or news stories would be appreciated.  Go to Source

Australian RVCS Certification 2013 Zero models

Australian RVCS Certification Unit Details I doing some searching about ADR approval for importing Zero motorcycle and came across this. RVCS allows vehicle manufacturers to electronically certify that the vehicles that they supply to the Australian m… Go to Source

Mission Motors Say Whaa?

Check it out: http://www.mission-motorcycles.com/ The most advanced production motorcycle in existenceThe highest performing street-legal electric vehicle ever made June 3, 2013 Those are some pret… Go to Source

Los Angeles Times posts a short review of the 2013 Zero DS

http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-mo-autos-electric-hero-from-zero-20130502,0,4075839.story Overall impressions are quite favorab… Go to Source

Motorcyclist Magazine gets a week with a 2013 Zero S (or two)

Motorcyclist posted a contributor review of the 2013 Zero S back in January. Now Zero has given their staff a Zero S for a week to play with and [url=http://blogs.motorcyclisto… Go to Source

BrammoBrian’s wrap-up from Sonoma

From Brian:Brammo Racing Update – AFM Sonoma Round 2 – May 4-5, 2013A major milestone for team was set this past weekend as Team Icon Brammo and Team Parker Brammo competed for the first time head-to-head alongside our gas burning brethren in round 2… Go to Source

ESBK Studios Special: Shelina Moreda Wraps up Brammo’s First AFM Weekend

http://esbk.co/2013/05/06/esbk-studios-special-shelina-moreda-wraps-up-brammos-first-afm-weekend/ Shelina gives us the rundown on Sunday's happ… Go to Source

Riding electric vs riding petrol

So, I had my first real world experience riding gas powered motorcycles after riding electric for 5 years.  That was weird.  All the jerkiness due to shifting and the engine vibrations really put me off.  I rode a 2013 Bonneville and a 1964 BMW in the… Go to Source

Noisy Regen

Took me a while to work out where it was coming from but when braking I was hearing a sort of mid-pitch honking noise.  At first I thought it was a warped brake rotor but it did it with both front and rear brakes which is when it clicked.  I always rid… Go to Source

ESBK Studios Special: Shelina Spills the Beans!

Shelina and I talk about the first day of practice for for her and the team running with the AFM at Sonoma Raceway.  We talk not just about the TTX, but to everyone's surprise the Engage as well! [url=http://esbk.co/2013/05/05/esbk-studios-special-she… Go to Source