Do I even need these?

Brace yourselves for a potentially stupid question. Rizoma aftermarket blinkers came with these: These adapters are for different voltages… the blinkers seem to work… Go to Source

Any regrets or buyers remorse?

I got the idea to post this because there is a thread with this title over on the The thread is HERE. Personally, I have no regrets.  I love everyt… Go to Source

Fire at Brammo HQ Quote Fire At BrammoBy Caitlin Conrad/ ASHLAND, Ore — FIre crews say a sprinkler system helped… Go to Source

Phone to Match my Empulse

Well its not carbon fiber, but close enough (Kevlar): While not the size of a tablet, the RAZR M is a badass phone… the Verizon logo kinda ruins it though. Root… Go to Source

Any regrets or buyers remorse?

These bikes are very expensive and have limited use.Anyone wish they hadn't bought or waited until they were cheaper? I am intrigued but money is tight and it will take a long time to recoup the investment. It is too soon to tell what resale will be l… Go to Source

Tall Tales Go Here

One of those rare perfect days in San Francisco.  All sun, no fog. Cool light ocean breezes and warm sun, what would pass for a perfect 75 F spring day elsewhere, where, in June, it’s been cookin’. I pull up between the cars at a stoplight on Geary Bl… Go to Source

Tesla petition! Sign it! This is Tesla's attempt to change the anti-competitive laws created that do not allow car manufactures to sell directly to consumers.  Not sure … Go to Source

Time for new tires!

Welp, the Avons made it a shade over 6000 miles (granted, most of those suffering from me being an idiot) before getting down to the wear bars.  I'm putting some track tires on for tomorrow at Laguna, and once I get back I'll be putting on some Pilot R… Go to Source

Rear brake dragging

Today was the first 90+ degree day here.  About 10 miles into the ride home I noticed the bike slowing more than usual at a stop sign.  I turned off on a side road and noticed that I was using about 16kw to go 35 MPH… not a good sign.  Pulled over an… Go to ...

F@$&ing Givi key broke in lock

I didn't even realize it until I went to unlock the case at the end of the work day.  The key broke inside the lock and all I had on my keychain was the end of the key.  No, it didn't work when I tried to stick it in the lock and turn. Had to ...