Looking for someone to sponsor and let me race

First off I know this is far fetched but as my Brother says, " A closed mouth doesn't get fed"[/color] So here it goes, I don't have money to buy a Brammo machine. I am a skilled rider who becomes one with the machine. I gua… Go to Source

Mission Motorcycles Reveals the Mission R and RS!!!

https://www.mission-motorcycles.com/ Go to Source

TTX seat…a placeholder for more info.

So one of the nice bits of info I learned at Thunderhill (in the sadly way way too short of time there) is that I love the raised TTX seat. I got to sit on an Empulse at the track with the higher seat and it was great. Brian had an extra seat in the ...

2013 Zero S test ride

Today I had my long test ride on the 2013 Zero S. The 11.4 model.I arrived at the ANWB test centre at 09:00 and found the bike fully charged with a solid green light connected to the 220V outlet. Good![url=http://fli… Go to Source

Z-naught has an Enertia!

Hey everyone! After years of pining for a Brammo Enertia, I finally bought one. Specifically, the one that was for sale in Las Vegas, posted here: http://brammoforum.com/index.php?topic=2010.0 I'… Go to Source

2010 and 2011 Battery voltage affect max speed 99% CONFIRMED

Many EV are limited in max speed by the electronic and software so the min voltage of the battery dont affect their top speed if battery is max tor low voltage. I was not sure if the MAX speed of my DS 2011 was affected bu the MBB that would allow a ma… Go to ...

ESBK Studios: Episode 24 Interview with Kyle Ginaven of the Buckeye Current

Kyle and I chat for about 2 hours about their team, their bike, their goals, the Isle of Man TT Zero, and elmotos in general.  He comes up with some things that catch even me off guard.  And as we all know, I come up with some off the wall stuff.  Also… Go to Source

What is S65?

Got this system fault S65 code just right before pulling off of the driveway.  What is it?  It went away after a power cycle. Go to Source

Leaf driver hits 78,000 miles

Interesting article about a leaf owner with 78,000 miles on the ODO.  His battery capacity is down 17.5%. [url=http://www.plugincars.com/after-2-years-78000-miles-high-mileage-2011-nissan-leaf-127387.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campa… Go to Source

How Can I Watch The 2013 Isle Of Man TT Zero?

I figure the 2013 TT Zero is as good a time as any to knock the dust of PlugBike.com. I’ve been following the build up to this year’s TT Zero as much as possible over the blogs, FB, twitter, etc. Looks like another great race is coming up and more frustration trying to watch it virtually. ...