battery pack recall

just got off the phone with a zero rep that informed me that there is a problem with the battery packs getting water into the connectors and that it was causing the battery to seep, thereby shorting out / burning up the battery. zero is very serious ab… Go to Source

A French 2013 Zero DS review

While you may not be all that interested in the Zero review by Mike Werner, he does ride it through some beautiful countryside in Normandy, France, during the 10 minute video near the end of his blog, and that is worth seeing. [url=http://news.motorbik… Go to Source

New owner!

I just brought my new Zero S home today! Even though I knew what to expect, the power on this thing still caught me off guard! I come from a BMW F800R, which I would almost place in the same class as my Zero S (the Zero has a slightly higher torque rat… Go to ...

Zero 2013′ tank case is pure garbage

I really love this bike, but come one – one zip close case ? I dont know who came out with this idea… I took one month for the zipper to break – i'll probably have it modify with some velcro… Go to Source

CC Equivalent

I recently purchased a 2013 Zero S, but haven't received my motorcycle endorsement yet.  I'm schedule to take the class in about two weeks.  They'll let me use my own bike, but it needs to be 350cc or less.  Does anyone know what the equivalent is on t… Go to Source

Trade my modified 2011DS for a S 2012 for 4500$

Would you jump on that proposition? My actual Zero Ds 2011 look like this one below  and have for 1800$ of modifications in parts. The guy is offering a S 2012 for 6900$ +TX so he is offering me like 2986.11$ for mine… Ishh  The ZF9 at 6900$ is v… Go to Source

A French Zero DS review series

Here is a link to a French journalist's blog who has his hands on a 2013 Zero DS and gets to test it by riding around Normandy, France, for the next 10 days.  He will be posting updates daily.  His first report includes a 6 minute-long video of his rid… Go to Source

Cooling down your motor and battery.

Texas summer is becoming brutal. Over 100 F today. I don't ride in the daytime in these temps, but I often ride in the mornings and late afternoon when the sun is low. Still my motor and battery become hot especially if I ride at freeway speeds which i… Go to Source

Regen Braking kit for 2011 XU

Hi Guys I'm looking at what I need to modify my XU with regen braking, here what I have so far. here the motor contol we have now [IMG]h… Go to Source

Additional Power Cords

I found that Monoprice carries 14AWG Power Cords in several different lengths (1 to 25 feet) for $1 to $13. Look for "Power Cords w/ 3 Conductor PC Power Connector" h… Go to Source