Cross Country EV caravan – Ride the Future Tour

A group of EV drivers will be crossing the country starting in Charleston, SC on July 4th and finishing at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA.  We'll break the Guinness World record for distance traveled in an electric car, electric motorcycle, electric sc… Go to Source

2010 Zero-X with 2012 battery

Hey guys. I just purchased a 2010 Zero X.  The battery was upgraded to the 2012 battery. This is my first motor cycle & first Zero.  I love the first few rides I have had.  I see why people love them. My question to you guys regards the charger. Why do… Go to Source

2011 problem – still no good after trouble shooting. any ideas?

Hi all, being just shy of 7000km I run into problems with my 2011S again. The first time around it was diagnosed with Zero support that the motor was not good. brushes somewhat strongly worn and in fact a replacement of the motor seemed to fix it. Wit… Go to Source

2011 XU motor ESC 4834 programing help

here's what I found Here's the ESC in the Zero: Alltrax AXE4834 http://www.alltra… Go to Source

Tesla battery swap station plans

According to an article in my newspaper today, written by Catherine Green of the LA Times, Tesla has announced plans to install battery swap stations at many of their Supercharging station facilities.  This appears to be big news – if you are a … Go to Source

Diagnose Reader

Endlich eingetroffen!Nein, ich kann das Programm nicht hergeben! Google:Finally arrived!No, I can not give the program! [img width=246 height=120]… Go to Source

Consumer Reports reviews the 2013 Zero models

Here is a link to a very positive review by Consumer Reports magazine of the various 2013 Zero models.  They really like them and the only negative comment seems to be that the bikes' finish is not up to expectations at their price point. [url=h… Go to Source

Empulse Owners Manual Online's%20Manual%20-%202013&2014%20-%20Release%201.02%20(web%20version).pdf Nice … Go to Source

Poll: range vs charge speed

Dropping a link here to make sure people see it. I've opened a poll on range vs charge speed to see what people prefer. Please go to the poll if interested, vote and comment in that thread. Go to Source

FX Rear brakes make squeak noise like a ten speed bicycle

Just got a fx bike cool bike but the rear brakes squeak or make noise similar to a ten speed bike brakes make when you stop. These just make noise as I come to a complete stop. Is because there new or something else. The rear brakes do feel a little ti… Go to Source