Zero updates web store with more products.

The accessory site has been updated, and divided into storage, comfort, power, performance, etc. categories. There are definitely more charging options listed now, an official RAM mount for the iPhone, mo… Go to Source

next project: 2013 big motor & controller to a 2011 DS !!

Yeah guys that's what i want to do! Here is the components: -Dual 4kWh battery  (The original and another splited in 3 parts , 1 in the place of the charger and 2 sides)-Big 75-7 motor (same as for the zero S)-Sevcon size 6 controller ( wil use it at… Go to Source

Could you replace an 8.5 battery with the 11.4 battery?

Not very likely to do that, but was wondering if that is doable? Go to Source

How to use a Size 6 in a 2013

I have seen talks of using the size 6 in the 2013 models. I couldn't see how the 2013 works up to now but have some experience with the 2012 and have done some thoughts what will happen if you try. I don't talk of can the motor sustain he current, is t… Go to ...

Did everyone get the same tires on their Zero S?

My tires are IRC 110/70-17 54H (rated for 130 mph), and have you gone through a set of tires yet? Mine are fine on dry pavement, but with water on the road, you have to be really careful not that I ever plan to ride in the rain. I can't find any review… Go to ...

Tail Untidy

So there I was, motoring down US 101 S, just before the I380 to I280 split, when a fellow rider on a sport bike pulled up alongside me and, at some peril to himself in heavy high-speed traffic, turned around and reached back to point frantically at his… Go to Source

2012 DS/S Front Brake

We had some discussion hear and some think the brake is "lousy"  and some do Stopies! I have  disassembled mine and it don't look to good! There are 2 rubber seals one has a crack and the other was squeezed during installation and as a result the bold … Go to Source

How have you programmed ECO mode and why?

I'm thinking I might use ECO mode more if I set the parameters to 100% on all 4 settings. Right now it is set at 100% on braking and closed-throttle regeneration, 60 mph max speed and 25% torque because I was thinking that might work best for max. rang… Go to Source

Well. My Zero broke again. (I think we can fix it; help?)

I've been having all kinds of problems with my Zero. Clicking noises from the chargers.Random termination of charge half way through.High pitch noises coming from chargers. (a noise that didn't used to be there).  The main contactor randomly openin… Go to Source

Game changer? Go to Source