Decentralized Battery Grid Storage and the $13k EV

Note that I talk specifically about the Nissan LEAF, but it could apply just as easily to our bikes with CHAdeMO or similar offboard direct-DC charging/discharging units. Think CHAdeMO on the 2013 Zeros, or (presumably) SAE J1772 Combo charging on a fu… Go to Source

Overestimate Battery Capacity

Well This might not be the case of everyone but from now i had two different Zero and ther eis a common fact with both: The rated Battery Energy and REAL measured energy is very different! Usually people will use the 11 bar gauge to have an idea of the… Go to Source

2012 Zero XU "Glitch"

So there is the official recall for the 2012 S/DS "glitch" motor controller issue. No mention of the 2012 XU though. Guess what happened while commuting this morning… odd noise/pulsing for about 1KM, I shut it down and inspected for anything odd, po… Go to Source

2012 Zero DS Charge Failure

My 2012 DS ZF9 has been perfect to date.   Always boots up, never any throttle response errors, no glitches.  5300 miles on the odometer this AM. I made my usual commute to work and plugged in today upon arrival.   I am paranoid about a GFI trip or som… Go to Source

ZF9 battery < 1 hour 7.5kW F A S T charger !

Yes.. Doc got the power! I received the 3 meanwell 2500W power supply today. these are rated 2000W but the have their constant current at 125% so it'S 2500W continuous -Total weight: 12 pounds-Work on 100 to 240Vac-3 of these( 7500W) have less vol… Go to Source

Friction Zone magazine review of the 2013 S

The August issue of Friction Zone magazine , starting on page 18, contains a three page review of the 2013 ZF11.4 Zero S, written by Evans Brasfield.  Nothing new here, but the article did make some interesting comments and some odd comments.  T… Go to Source

Empulse R track day?

Just wonder if any of you take your bike on the track?I am thinking about taking the Empulse to gain riding experience.  I track my cars but never a bike. Besides all the safety stuff any other recommendations? How does the Empulse do on a track day w… Go to Source

Battery amp\hour monitoring

I was test my 2011 XU today checking the max range of my bike. Too many comments of inaccurate calibrate battery indicators from the stock gauge set. Last two days I had to push the bike home 1 to 2 km just because as i was taking it to the limits I ra… Go to ...

Enertia Carbon Body For Sale

Upper Body Fairing and Rear Fender $200 for both Go to Source

Question about range

The web site has the following description of the range of the Mission R: Quote With power densities previously unheard of for electric motorcycles, and over 17 kWh of stored power, the UltraPackā„¢ not only allows for the world's best superbike perfor… Go to Source