DIY Maintenance

A place to share tips on doing maintenance yourself. I always like a chart of wrench sizes and torque values on the wall of my garage to save time trying different wrenches and hunting down numbers. Here's mine, so far, for the Empulse R: https://docs…. Go to Source

Frasis Energy Builds the Batteries

It was interesting to learn through the NTSB filings that Farasis Energy builds the Zero battery packs.  I had never heard of them (not that I would) but did google them.  Interesting company. Go to Source

The best e-trials bike

What spec would make the best electric trials bike ? or what would a electric bike need to have to make it sell.. Price.. Power.. Top speed.. Run time.. Weight.. Multiple gears.. Clutch.. Looks.. swappable battery packs.. settings for engine braking.. …

Empulse Pics

Maybe this can be a sticky at some point. Here's a pic of my Empulse R sitting in front of the Muon g-2 magnet that is currently en route from Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island to Fermilab in the western suburbs of Chicago. Details on it's … Go to Source

Viglink "monetization" of your forum clicks

What is viglink? Viglink is a URL "click-tracking" scheme operating on this forum. Essentially, the way it works is it silently replaces off-forum URLs in posts on the forum with a URL that records the click and then directs you to your intended… Go to Source

2012 XU Error Code 1-2 "Charger Connected"

So, it continues: After about 60 miles of trouble-free riding after the faulty BMS replacement another error code and bike disable happened this morning. The flashing pattern of 1-2 on the dashboard, textual description of "Charger Connected" and solut… Go to Source

maybe another sub heading ?

Maybe there should be another sub heading on this forum for all other offroad e-bikes e.g the stealth,zero,blade,ktm etc. As there are quite a few now this will attract a few more readers.

2013 Zero S : Proof that EV Motorcycles have grown up at last

I've moved from the 2012 to the 2013 after 10 months. I feel sad when I see my old Darth Zero still in the lot at the dealership when I go visit, but at the same time, this article makes me glad I traded in. [url=… Go to Source


. . . they should go here. reviews the Mission RS

Here is a ride review of the Mission Motorcycles RS model.  Nice bike, but quite expensive. http:/… Go to Source