Empluse R vs. E1 (non-R) acceleration

I finally got a chance to do a demo ride on an Empulse now that the Brammo dealership opened recently here in Colorado.  It was a black E1 (non-R) model.  Apparently, they've already put enough miles on it for them to put it into Sport mode, so I got t… Go to Source

My Climb of Mt Elbrus

Totally off topic. But made a video of my climb of Mt. Elbrus in Russia.  One of the seven summits. I did some tilt shift time lapses that came out pretty well! Take a look! Elbrus on Vimeo and if the link doesn't … Go to Source

Aug magazine article on 2013 FX

It was either Dirt Bike, or Dirt Rider, I forget.  They placed the power between a 250 and a 450, closer to a 450.  Had more power than a 250 4 or 2 stroke.  The range was like an mx bike with a small tank, so in the ballpark.  The rest of the bike the… ...


I got my bike back again from Bartels 2 months after being there previously….. Previously I had to she'll out cash for something they didn't fix and in return had a crack on my body then today I got the bike without testing it yet saw my charging cab… Go to Source

Long Trips/Touring

I'm planning a round trip of 732 miles from the SF Bay Area to Ventura near LA, and back. Why?, you may well ask… I'm considering letting Bill Mayer have a go at making me a more comfortable saddle. Has anyone here done such a (totally crazy) trip? S… Go to Source

Charged EVs Article on Parker GVM

http://chargedevs.com/features/parker-races-into-traction-motors/ Some interesting info on length vs width of the motors. And of course, Brammo is the mentioned and is the fea… Go to Source

New FX or DS? How do you decide? How are you using yours?

So I am pretty torn here… I think I could be happy with the DS especially with its range, but that FX sounds like it would be a blast. I just worry about the range. For instance, I would love to be able to go downtown and romp around, run errands and… Go to Source

Sneak peak parts and 600 service/firmware

Here is a sneak pic.  Still here in Austin at Lonestar BMW/Triumph but bike looks good so far!! Go to Source

Take your camera to SECA…

Of course you would anyways…but Brammo is giving you even more incentive. From Facebook: Are you ready for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca? Team ‪#‎Brammo‬ certainly is and we want to extend an opportunity for our fans to participate and ‪#‎win‬ some cool … Go to Source

Max charging allowable C rate of the ZF9 battety?

I know that the 20Ah EIG cells inside are specified with : 0.5C (recommanded)  that bring a full cahrge for about 2h minimum time… but i wonder what is the max allowable C rate the cell can take? ( I mean REAL NUMBERS, not using th… Go to Source