Zero on Pikes Peak!

Congrats to Zero on Pikes Peak. Wish I had been there!… Go to Source

August 18. Indianapolis eRoadRacing + MotoGP!

Turns out this is the MotoGP weekend at Indy too. Friday August 16  5:05 pm – 5:25 pm – FIM eRoadRacing Series Pr… Go to Source

August 18. Indianapolis eRoadRacing

Don't know much about this yet. I'm planning to be there. Maybe I should find out more : P Go to Source

July 21. Laguna Seca eRoadRacing + MotoGP!

Okay. It's not TTXGP any more. I'm sure I'll get used to the new name .. eventually. Probably the premiere electric race event of the year .. who's going?! I'll try and keep tabs on the race from afar, though I will be moving that weekend. We haven't h… Go to Source

Miller. Aug 31st and Sept 1st. Who’s going?

This is my next road trip. Anybody planning to be there. I enjoyed Seca when I went…but it really isn't my type of event. Too many people. Too noisy. Miller looks about perfect. I'll probably get to Salt Lake City early evening on Friday, hit Miller … Go to Source

The S 2013 temptation ! is high!

The first time I have tried the Zero FX and S 2013  was definitively like a virus I have implanted in my brain!  Everytime i’m thinking about my 2011 DS, I just can’t stop dreaming about that great improved 2013 I have tried and that was a beautifull e… Go to Source

Assembly issue

Anyone else having trouble installing the front wheel? Without the wheel, the axle threads easily. With the wheel, not so. It looks like the spacers aren't allowing the axle hole up far enough, like maybe the powder coating on the forks is too thick.

The best American made motorcycles

And guess what?  The Brammo Empulse gets top billing: http://ride… Go to Source

Empulse Recalls (post on the "News" forum, please)

Here is the post: Go to Source

Empulse Recalls… Go to Source