Zero XU 12 volt load power reduction modification

Zero XU 12 volt load power reduction modification starts with the easiest mod. replace the tail, brake and signal lights with LED bulbs. You also must replace the flasher with LED compatible unit. [URL=… Go to Source

Size 6 optional in 2014 models

We touched down this subject by a few of us -last time by my European colleague from Germany  I believe it would be a good option to look at for the "performance-focus" customers. What do you guys think? Go to Source

Supplemental Battery pack 20AH Zero XU

I want to add a supplemental Battery pack to my Zero XU here a pack I'm interested in.Battery PackNominal Voltage (V)   48 VNominal Capacity (Ah)   20 AHMaximum Charge Voltage   60 VCut-off Discharge Voltage   32 VMaximum Discharge Current   30 AH … Go to Source

Gallery of Testing photos from Laguna Seca – June 2013 This was before the ReFuel event. Go to Source

Video of E-Boz leading the other electrics at ReFuel

E-Boz Leads Gassers at the Refuel Clean Power Motorsports Event. Go to Source


Hi, Anyone that knows if or when CHAdeMO charger is deliverable from Zero? //HÃ¥kan Go to Source

"Zero Mango"

Got Darth Zero back this Saturday from having the wheels powder-coated. Might have to dub my 2013 S ZF11.4 a new name.  Now shopping around for a painter to complete the look.  If anything, now it is visually loud. +m Go to Source