mission r in canada

mission r is legal to quebec ? can i ride on the street in quebec Go to Source

2011 Zero XU

Hello All, My first post here!  I've been a member of endless-sphere and their ebike scene, but as with anything bigger is better. I recently stumbled across a zero xu 2011 that was in a wreck.  Just a few components need to be fixed.  Let me know if a… Go to Source

2013 – how far can you go on a charge ?

The real world range on my Zero S 2013The first 80 km. was driven at about 100 km/h. in ECO mode, the rest in the city. When the battery is completely empty the bike drives about 40 km/h. and then shut of the engine and the throttle Go to Source

Zero to sixty time for the R

Hi folks,Anybody have any numbers for the zero to sixty times on the Empulse R? I hear it is in the 5's but would love to know exactly. Thanks,Bushy Go to Source

Quick charging the FX

I was wondering if anybody else with a fx doesn't have the auxiliary charging connector like it is shown in the owners manual and on the zero fx web page. On my fx there is no auxiliary charging connector like in the owners manual unless its under that… Go to Source

Building up my new 2011 S

Hi gang! I just wanted to introduce myself and my bike. I just picked up a 2011 Zero S in pristine condition ..until I go after its components that is The bike runs great and gave me 34 miles at 60-63mph freeway all the way with no trouble at all … Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 battery test and range!

Hey guys.. i got some interesting numbers for you! I took my ZF9 for a great ride and when i arrived at home i was really curious to see finally HOW FAR CAN I GO with the entire battery energy from 100% to 0% capacity until the battery cut. I did a 120… Go to ...

Another new program? Brammo Trade-in

I just saw this in conjunction with the battery warranty news:http://www.brammo.com/programs/ Quote Introducing the Brammo Guaranteed Trade Program. At Brammo, we strive to provide an outstanding experience … Go to Source

Brammo announces FIVE (5) year warranty on batteries!

This is kind of a big deal. Quote Brammo Announces Industry‚Äôs First 5 Year Battery Warranty and Guaranteed Trade Program. Ashland, OR, August 28th 2013 –Brammo, Inc. a global leader in the electric vehicle industry today announced that the Bra… Go to Source

Discolored LCD screen

I went and had the fender recall done yesterday. It was a quick fix. But, when I got home from work yesterday, I noticed that the top left hand side of my LCD screen was discolored. It was darker and had a little rainbow effect. It's hard to see unless… Go to Source