How’s everyone’s Rs and E1s working

This forum isn't as busy as I'm used to.  Is everyone out riding their bikes?  I was wondering how your bikes are doing, how you've settled in with switching to pure electric, what changes as the bike break in, maintenance, and how these bikes compare … Go to Source

Is the 2013 S Givi Rack Kit a standard size?

Does anyone know if the Givi Monokey Rack Kit is a standard size that can be purchased for less than the $400 (with markup) that Zero is asking?  I already have the cases.  Thanks.[url=… Go to Source

Anyone taken their bikes (FX) into water?

I did this weekend, it ended up being a lot deeper than I thought and got totaly soaked, the water was almost up to the seat  and after I got the bike out the dash had a blinking green light, I've been letting it sit and crossing my fingers…. hope… Go to Source

Electric Designs Go for a Win

Posted to twitter by @ParkerHannifin: Fro… Go to Source

installattion of a bike alarm on a Zero

Hello,I was wondering how to install a bike alarm on a Zero. To my understanding there is no more 12 volts when the bike is parked in off position. Maybe I have to make an alarm with its own 12 volt battery that will be recharged when running the bike… Go to Source

Brammo sightings: Oregon

Figured I'd start out a thread where I list Brammo sightings in Oregon. I'm thinking people start a thread for their own state and post when and where they saw a Brammo. Admins… If this is the wrong area please move. I wasn't sure where to post it. Go to Source

Release of Brammo Icon Spec 32 EBoz edition

Any thoughts about the new edition of the Brammo Empulse R?More info, specs, photos, here: [img width=600 height=598]… Go to Source

North San Francisco Bay riders group?

I am searching for some folks to ride with in the North bay area. I live near Santa Rosa, Ca. I have th Empulse R.Thanks,Bushy Go to Source

Zero in AFM races?

Earlier this year we had Brammo compete in AFM races with both the RR and TTX. They did pretty well against 250 and 500 bikes.After the recent eRoadRacing round I was thinking that Zero would probably do really well in the AFM 250 class also.I would … Go to Source

Thoughts on 2013 Zero S gearing options: Torque or Speed?

Just wondering whether anyone has any thoughts on, or has done the gearing conversion on a 2013 Zero S? I weigh about 240(lbs) and I am thinking that my 2013 Zero S would be more nimble & fun if I change the front sprocket with the OEM Higher Torque Ge… Go to Source