Thinking of buying a Brand New 2011 Zero S

Hello, I'm thinking of purchasing a brand new 2011 Zero S from an Ex Zero Dealer clearing out his remaining stock.  My question is, how can I know if he has kept the Bike/Battery properly maintained while sitting in his Dealership for 3 years?  It only… Go to Source

And another one bites the dust

Blink files for bankruptcy and blames the government for their troubles (along with a few other things).So it looks like there will be a lot fewer charging stations around that actually work.  I wonder what will happen to all of their equipment? [url=… Go to Source

Throttle/regen issue

Last weekend I did a short errand into the city and at some point I started feeling like I had to brake more than usual when approaching traffic lights, with the throttle released. It seems that the throttle often doesn't reach 0 so the engine braking… Go to Source

A Buell hybrid?

This blog thinks Eric Buell might be dreaming of making an electric/gas hybrid.[/… Go to Source

Question for 2013 S owners

I have a 2013 S (Duh). I am having trouble settling on settings for my ECO mode and wonder where you guys have your settings. Go to Source

Running two chargers from a single J1772 port

Something that people may find useful: Recently I've started using a C14/C13 splitter I found online to run two chargers for my 2012 Zero S (the internal charger and on… Go to Source

Changing the front sprocket?

Does anyone know the proper way of changing the front sprocket? I tried taking the left swing arm bolt out but I couldn't get a 24 mm wrench on that inside nut. Even if I got a wrench in there, there still isn't enough clearance for the old sprocket to… Go to Source

Zero Recalling 268 2011, 2012 S & DS

THIS just in: "Zero Motorcycles is recalling 268 model year… Go to Source

Best way to replace the contactor in my 2011

After swapping pretty much all other parts around (motor, MBB, controller) I am now aiming to replace the contactor to fix the issues I am having. As the contactor is in the back of the battery it seems one has to take out motor, controller, charger a… Go to Source

2009 Enertia. Black. 147.9 miles. Mint condition. $4800. Boulder, CO

Stored inside.  No abuse.  No modifications.  Pristine. Text Greg at  303 506 7968Email: Go to Source