2013 S: Watt Hours per mile?

Hi,My bike is telling me: 146 watt hours per mile. I believe that this number was lower before I installed the windscreen, but I don't recall for sure. I'm curious to hear what other people are experiencing. Go to Source

2013 S: Bluetooth connectivity with iOS?

Hi,Often, when I'm charging my bike, I launch the Zero iOS app to check the batter information. However, when I launch (after ensuring that Bluetooth is connected), the screens read "0" for all fields. Is there a process for trying to get the app to (… Go to Source

2013 S: Speedometer accuracy and adjustment?

Hi,I think that my speedometer reads about 6-10% high. That is, it claims that I am going faster and covering more distance than in reality. I'm basing this on two trips that I take repeatedly with different vehicles. My commute to work is listed as 6… Go to Source

2012 Zero XU Range

Hello ll. I am new to the forum and so far I like it very much. I just bought a new demo zero xu with 40kms on it this past Monday. So far I have put about 200kms on it trouble free,I even rode it to work one day which is 41kms from home with ...

Just taken delivery of my DS….and a small film of first ride !

I took delivery of my DS yersterday and went for a ride road+trail in my area with the GoPro on my chest. The raw uncut (sorry I don't have time right now) is here: http://youtu.be/HhHWvB2ohoY I have some strange … Go to Source

RideApart reviews the 2014 Mission RS

Here is a link to Wes Siler's RideApart's review of the production 2014 Mission RS "collector's addition" $59,000 model. [url=http://rideapart.com/2013/08/rideapart-review-2014-mission-rs/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Hel… Go to Source

Replacement belt cost

Yesterday I visited my Zero dealer and ordered a replacement belt for my 2012 Zero – just so I could have it around should they become collector's items in the future.     I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the belt only retails for $70 (I g… Go to Source

2011 contactor problem?

Hi all After all I got my 2011 S running again! That is for a week only. Back to same error that controller goes right into red LED and motor turns only a little. Now and then I get the contactor error message on the dash as well. Motor turns a bit and… Go to ...

Trouble registering 2013 fx

I found out yesterday that zero made a mistake on my title to my bike so now I have to wait to see if my dealer freemont Motorsports in Florence, Colorado and zero can fix this so my credit union can send it to the county clerk in Pueblo, CO. And see i… Go to ...

Tips for smooth shifting.

Here are some views and suggestions about shifting with the Empulse: The clutch is never fully disengaged. You will notice this when you pull the clutch while at a standstill and twist the throttle. The bike will try to move. … Go to Source