Daily transport survey

Hey!   I'm wondering a bit about people's daily transport practices.   Would you guys mind doing this survey I just made? I'll try to share the results when I get enough responses. Looking for honest answers. Its not perfect and may not cover all ca… Go to Source

B9 (and other errors)

I just got a B9 error this morning. It's the first time that I got an error that didn't just go away after restarting a few times. I sent an email with logs to Brammo. Let's see what they say. In the mean time, I'm curious to learn about what er… Go to Source

Downshifting from 2-1

I noticed the past couple of rides that when I try downshifting from 2nd down to first, my bike doesn't want to go into first. It almost feels like it is stuck down in the gear as when I try to push down on the shifter it feels as though it is already … Go ...

Hi Guys!

I just bought my Empulse last week. I have about 200 miles on her already. I love riding this bike. I also own a Ducati Monster 696 and a F700GS, but having an electric bike is in a league of its own! I usually commute 27 miles to work each way and it'… Go to ...


While I know what an encoder does, I am curious what it looks like and where you buy them.  Are they something that comes with the motor from the manufacturer, or can you run down to Radio Shack and buy one off the shelf?  Are they made by only one man… Go to Source