leftover 2012

While I want to join the e-bike crowd, I do my best to avoid buying new vehicles because the depreciation is just too severe. One alternative to that might be going with a leftover 2012. For instance, I've come across a [url=http://www.cycletrader.com/… Go to Source

Cold Battery Cutback

How do you deal with a cold battery cutback?  My garage was like 43 degree the other day, and my Empulse showed me this warning.  I just rode it out normally, and I didn't feel anything strange.  The warning went away 5 minutes later. Go to Source

Will Zero present it’s 2014 models at Intermot?

Does anybody know this?I am planning to go there but only if anything interesting is being introduced. Go to Source

Unable to get accessories in France

Well the title says it all !!! First of all I can confirm that there is no more new 2013 S & DS available for sell in Europe (dixit my dealer) !!! I had my DS as one of the first to order it.But I can get any accessories from my dealer. He said is ...

In pipe electricity generation

I saw this interesting news report today.  I thought this technology was pretty cool.  In Portland most of our water comes from reservoirs that are at higher elevation than the city.  Valves must be used to lower the pressure of the water as it goes do… Go to Source

Lotus Mobile solar array

I am reserving judgment:http://phys.org/news/2013-04-lotus-mobile-unfolds-solar-charging-petals.html[img width=500 height=349]http://cdn.physorg.com/newman/gfx/ne… Go to Source

Palo Alto, CA to require new homes to have EV wiring

According to news reports this morning, the city of Palo Alto, CA, passed an ordinance requiring all new homes in the town to be built with wiring that can accommodate Level 2 chargers in the garage.  Apparently electric vehicles of all types are very … Go to Source

It is time for a bay area Brammo meetup

Ok so after running into Jonathan randomly in the Sunset recently, I've become aware that perhaps the only thing that sounds cooler than an Empulse is . . . MULTIPLE Empulses.  I'm pretty sure we have enough folks in the area now to arrange a small get… Go to Source

RIP shifter peg

My goodness.  Well, the Empulse on the track was boatloads of fun as usual — so much fun that about halfway through the day I went to upshift and . . . . couldn't!  I slowed briefly and looked down, and there was no peg at all on the end of the shifte… Go to ...

What issues to consider when buying 2013 DS (or S)?

I'm considering buying a 2013 DS, or possibly S.  What quirks / problems do they have?  Recalls?  I did see another post in here mentioning "electrical problem and the spocket getting loose problem".  What are those issues? Thanks in advance Zero owne… Go to Source