New Bosch stability control system

Bosch has just announced a new motorcycle stability control system that will be fitted to KTM motorcycles and (it is claimed) can be retrofitted to their 2013 models.  This is the first ABS system that is designed to prevent low-sides when cornering, a… Go to Source

newby with a question

Hi, new to the forum and looking to get into a zero mx. There is an extremely clean 09 zero mx for sale near me, but it has a bad battery. I have been lurking on here for a bit, but I want to know what my options are if I bought the bike. I ...

2011 XU Disabled Throttle at Startup

In the last two weeks, I've had multiple recurrences of the throttle being disabled at startup on my 2011 XU.  I don't hear any indications of diagnostic beeps at startup beyong the single selftest beep, so no indication of a startup fault being observ… Go to Source

Can I slow down the charger on my 2011 DS?

OK, I know that this is basically the opposite of what everyone else wants…but can I slow do the onboard charger on my 2011 DS? The reason that I ask is that my truck has a 1,000 watt inverter but the inverter is only designed to do that for like fiv… Go to Source

Rust on Battery Brackets

I hate rust on a motorcycle. The first two (at the front) of the upper tier of battery support brackets are showing tiny spots. My magnet tells me they're ferrous. My eyes tell me they're not stainless steel. They appear to be powder-coated or some ot… Go to Source

IMPORTANT ! Easy way to have your issues with Zero bikes solved much quicker

Hi everybody ! We love zero bikes, but we have been quite disappointed by the way they sometimes handle issues happening on new bikes. In order to ensure a quick resolution of our problems, and help Zero allocate the appropriate level of attention to c… Go to Source

Energica Ego prototype review article

Here is a relatively detailed review of the Energica Ego production electric motorcycle prototype.  I would be surprised if they can actually market the motorcycle at the projected $25,000 considering all of the expensive parts on the bike.  Time will … Go to Source

Empulse charger

What is the 3kW charger used on the Empulse?  It is very compact and I'd like to see if it can be found online and possibly used as an external charger. Go to Source

Extra rear mudguard 2013 S?

Does anyone have an extra rear mudguard? Maybe most drivers are in California with sunshine 365 days a year but in northern Europe we have alot of rain! Go to Source

2013 out of stock?!

I am still shopping for a 2013 DS and was told today that I will need to wait for the 2014 models to arrive in March because there are no new 2013 DS's in stock anymore and no new shipments to Europe.  So what does this mean:Component shortage (bat… Go to Source