Bike shuts off and screen says" stut down and stop".

It was fine after restarting. Any one else seen this. Go to Source

Helmet cleaning

It is that time of the year when you might want to start thinking about cleaning the inside and outside of your helmet.  Here is a comprehensive article that tells you how to do it right:  [url=… Go to Source

Onboard Charging Options

I am considering doing a short trip to mainland UK perhaps next year on the S ZF9.  I would have to do 150 miles at reasonable speed on the first day for the trip to work so wondering what the options are for extra chargers.  Luggage isnt a major conce… Go to Source

Eric Bostrom does an AMA

AMA=Ask Me Anything. Let's see some Brammo Forum participation!!… Go to Source

Temperature warning at high speed

Hi,I have a 2013 model. I see the temperature warning light coming active when I am driving at high speeds ( > 140 km/h). On my work-home travel there is a stretch of about 20 km of highway.When I go up to 140 km/hrs (and higher) the temp warning l… Go to Source

Dual Sporting on a ’13 DS

I will post here a report I made on the Big Dog Annual Rally this summer which I attend every year I can. I am more of a rider, not a writer, so pardon the brevity or grammar. I wrote it for those unfamiliar with EV's. The Model I drove at the BIG DOG … ...

Spec 32_32 of 32

Tested, passed, crated, and hibernating for a month…en route to Hong Kong.  Psyched! Go to Source

Rear wheel stand

Hello everyone, I need to get a stand for my Empulse. I decided on a Pit Bull standard rear wheel stand. I also need to get the right spool for the bike. Does anyone know what the proper spool size is for Empulse? Thanks. Tom Go to Source

FX Batteries… anyone got one yet, or word of when they will come?

First I was told late august, then early september, now I've heard nothing for a while….. anyone else have word on this? Go to Source

Clutch Fluid level low

How do I add/change clutch fluid? The level is extremely low and I'm looking to take a road trip Friday… Go to Source