Brammo moving info 4 times the "current" space. Huge parking lot too (test ride course?) Quote Bramscher said the company will also be hiring… Go to Source

no charging, just lots of clicking

I was hoping someone had heard of this problem before. For no obvious reason (like any distinguishing event) my bike started ignoring the charger and just clicking non-stop. When I plug it in the charge indicator never comes on. What happens is a lot o… Go to Source

2014 BMW C Evolution scooter

After years of development, BMW has finally announced that their C Evolution electric scooter will be in their showrooms in 2014.  But I am not betting that it will be introduced to the U.S. market next year.  BMW typically sells the first year of any … Go to Source

Empulse R – L.A. Law Enforcement Version

So, I guess this is a thing. Go to Source

Need help for some trouble shoot

I have a 2011 XU. It was working fine without problems. But today, after I rode it to work and charge it after, something strange happen.In the BMS, I have the trickle charge indicator keep on flashing. Usually when I plug it in, the charge indicator,… Go to Source


Come'on guys…..  Anything new to report?  How's the production ramp going?  Is the order book filling (did my part )? Go to Source

Cycle Analyst install on 2012-2013 Zero

I got few PM and email about the install of a Cycle Analyst on the Zero. Here is few tips for that: Both 2012 or 2013 are the same as for the use of a cycle analyst. Wich mean the install is the same. It's only the voltage diff between the 2012 and the… Go ...

Sorry, I have fell in love with a gasser…

So, a land deal I was trying to make never happened (so I never had the money to buy a Brammo).  While I sit here on a Ninja 250 (traded Jeep for, hurts my back lol) I found this beauty:  Honda NC700X DCT.  It gets over 60 MPG and is an auto.  So I can… ...

Say some prayers

See those houses on the hill through the smoke? That's where Bill (shinysideup) lives. I've heard that neighborhood was evacuated, so hopefully he should be safe… Go to Source

Great pic of Eric, Shelina, and Shane at Indy

I want the autographed poster!! Go to Source