Azhar writes about the eRoadRacing season

Quote Azhar Hussain MBE, founder of TTXGP and CEO of FIM eRoad Racing, reviews the season so far in this frank blog and looks ahead to bright future for our sport… Go to Source

Piaggio Electric Scooter concept

Piaggio is still fooling around with the idea of electric scooters, (like BMW) trying to figure out where they will fit into the urban mobility market.  Here is their latest idea.  It looks cute, has lots of electronic gizmos, but has little space for … Go to Source

Bypassing Econ Switch

Any one know how the econ/sport switch is wired on a 2011 xu? Since my econ switch is broken I tried to directly wire (bypass switch) the leads. There are three wires: half, sport, and comm. I first tried connecting sport and comm together, which to my… Go to Source

Squealing on rear tire at slow speed?

2013 Zero S. Rolling at low speed (5-10mph), I have a squeal with every rotation of the back tire. When I apply the rear brake, the squeal is gone. Let go of brake, it squeals again. Anyone experience the same? Any suggestions on fix? Thank you! – AGT Go to Source

2012 S ZF9 firmware lastest updated vs PERFORMANCES vs Glitch

Hi All I got my 2012 S ZF9 bike controller updated according to the last Zero service Bulletin that should solve the famous GLITCH. I was really curious to see the difference after the update  as well so i got the bike out for a ride. Here are the obse… Go to Source

2013 Zero DS police model

Today I visited my Zero dealer, Mission Motorcycles in Daly City, CA, and finally got my caliper bolts replaced.  While I was hanging out in the showroom waiting for the work to be completed, I saw an all black 2013 11.4 kWh Zero DS on the floor, decke… Go to Source

Arthur Kowitz on riding the Empulse TTX

"A Scalpel instead of a Chainsaw" Arthur Kowitz Brammo Indianapolis eRoadRacing Go to Source

2013 Zero S with flyscreen and givi

Knuckle-scraped my way to full-on Givi makeover and flyscreen. The Givi saddles are a pain and require acrobatics but is doable. Here are some early pics, sorry for the bad lighting (night). Go to Source

2013 Zero article in Motorcyclist magazine

If you are interested in such things, there is a 3-page article, starting on page 40 of the October issue of Motorcyclist magazine, where each of six magazine staff ride the 2013 11.4 kWh Zero S and provide their comments.  Everyone was very imp… Go to Source

New guy with a few questions

First off, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong section. I promise I did look for a newbie area but didn't see it.After mentioning one of the local dealers was becoming a Zero Motorcycle dealer and the advantages of owning an electric motorcycle, … Go to Source