Das GUT!

http://www.ndr.de/regional/niedersachsen/harz/ebike225.html Go to Source

Double Zero Family Now!

My wife took delivery of a 2013 (Demo) XU this week — that makes us a double Zero family! Robin was riding my daughters Honda Rebel for two weeks in September while our daughter had the family car  . . . when she started talking about buying a Rebel … Go to Source

Zero Pulls out of the UK

News story covering the Zero pull out from the UK…  http://transportevolved.com/2013/10/03/citing-lack-of-support-poor-sales-zero-pulls-out-of-uk/[… Go to Source

A head’s up

http://esbk.co/2013/10/22/coming-november-1st-2013-subscriptions-and-pay-to-download/ Go to Source

Gold Peak pulls the Plug on Vectrix

It's unfortunate but for a second time Vectrix is in serious trouble as it seems Gold Peak (the current owner of Vectrix) has stopped operations. But maybe it provides an opportunity to Brammo to acquire some nice patents? Go to Source

Zero’s Bold New Graphics

Zero has just announced that their corporate logo contains Bold New Graphics.  I just knew that every one on the Brammo forum would be really interested to know that.    [url=http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/press-releases/oct-22-2013-new-zero-logo.ph… Go to Source

Zero Press Release this morining

This popped into my inbox this morning http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/press-releases/oct-22-2013-ne… Go to Source

Contis for 2014 DS

Seems the 2014 models may get some better tyres! http://www.conti-bike.co.uk/viewmorenews.asp?id=103 Zero Choose ContiEscape For The DS ElectricArticle Date: 18/10/2013 ContiEscape Zero DS… Go to Source

Does your Zero dealers can get them easy?

During 2013 I often  got the comment from nearly all our Dealers in Quebec that their Zero Stock is low since they just can't get them from the factory. I wonder if it also happened to your dealers too? Here it's like Zero customers want to buy but the… Go to Source

2014 Kuberg Free-Rider at the AIME Motorcycle Expo

2014 Kuberg Free-Rider at the AIME Motorcycle Expo:[img]https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/q72/s720x720/994950_10202902883632178_…