Zero HQ

Yesterday I was riding my Triumph around the Santa Cruz Mountains looking for pumpkin roadkill (still too early for that) and rode into the little town of Scotts Valley for a break.  And what do you know?  I stumbled across Zero's new HQ offices/factor… Go to Source

Those gas engines can be dangerous.. Go to Source

Bar Risers

After the Bill Mayer Saddle raised my seat (relieving my knees a bit), I found I was reaching for the bars, not much but just noticeable. So I got these Rox Speed FX 2" risers in black and they put the BrammoGrin on my face again. [url=http://www.flick… Go to Source

Five digits!

BAM Go to Source

Is this the reason for the "Glitch" ?

Reprinted from online magazine "Motorcycle Sport and Leisure" Zero has re-engineered the 2013 range by installing an all-new Z-Force electric motor created in-house by Canadian designer, Ryan Biffard, and funded by a $900,000 grant secured from the Cal… Go to Source

2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 announced..

2014 Electric Motion EM5.7 announced.. :[img]http://thehellteam.files.wordpr…

Little mod to my rear view mirror.

To have a better rear view I first put the rear view mirrors upside-down as many of you already done. The marking "object in the mirror are closer…." was upside-down also. So I tried to switch the mirror BUT on my DS the left mirror has a larger angl… Go to Source

I’m installing the "Rolls" of the heated grips !!!

Yes I know, I've been putting many pictures on the forum these days. I hope it helped some of you. And why am I doing all these mods ? Simple, I commute with the bike. The more bad the weather is, the more I need to be on a bike because trafic jam beco… Go ...

Transporting your anti-theft device

I'm sharing the method I'm using as I'm parking in "difficult" places. -First picture is my first solution: I have a ABUS chain which attached to a disc blocker. Futhermore it's got a very lood electronic alarm. I put it in the front "fuel tank" box bu… Go to Source

ESBK calling all Empulse owners

Alright guys, Thanks to Frodus and Shelina and many other very nice messages I wasn't expecting I've got a bit more wind.  It really is time for an ESBK Studios Empulse Owner round-table.  I am looking for volunteers  to gather hopefully this Sunday ev… Go to Source