Serious issues & unacceptable customer service – why some won’t buy Zero again

Hi ! Although we all love these bikes won't they work, some of us had catastrophic Customer exp√©riences with some models. But after months of struggling with Zero, some of us end up with choosing between legal action (straighforward, and garanteed espe… Go to Source

Moto Electra cross-country record article

You may recall that earlier this year, the EV team of Moto Electra established a cross country electric motorcycle record by crossing the country, from sea to sea, in the time of only 84.5 hours. The January issue of Motorcyclist magazine, on pa… Go to Source

H2 fuel cell or batteries?

It looks like hydrogen fuel cell powered buses are not working out all that well for Canada:… Go to Source

Backwards running ZF-9

I have 6900 flawless miles on my 2012 ZF 9. Yesterday I had a really nice 65 mile run up to Cambria for a salmon sandwich but this morning when I hopped on it ran backwards! That hasn't happened since my trials days in the early 70s when my Bultaco 2 s… Go to Source

2013 Zero sales

So I visited my Zero dealer, Mission Motorcycles, today and put down a deposit on a 2014 Zero S.  While I was talking to the sales lady, she told me that the shop has sold more Zero motorcycles than Yamaha motorcycles (they carry all of the Japanese br… Go to Source

Beta motorcycles electric kids trial bike

Beta electric kids trial bike enters serial production : aluminum chassis, swing arm, & components..24kg / 53lbs complete bike3 power levels.. [img][…

First big boy competition?

Been wondering when Honda or Yamaha would start showing a production ready EV…not sure if Yamaha is going to green light this, but I imagine they will. It would be the first major with direct competition to Zero and the Enertia…not yet a Empulse c… Go to Source

Dutch Dealer / Electric Motorcycles Nederland

I already told two dutch members about the dutch dealer. Since the introduction off the Empulse I wanted one. And because off the absence of a dutch dealer, I made contact with Brammo. The result is in the first official dealer in the Netherlands: [url… Go to Source

Looking for volunteers for a roundtable podcast of Zero owners

Hello all,I have done round tables of elmoto owners before.  I just tried to do one of Empulse owners and got one to show up.  I am hoping to to get a decent group.  I do the round-table on Skype but I do have a phone number you can call.  Does Decemb… Go to Source

more track time!

This past weekend I got to spend both days up at the glorious Thunderhill, in a track excursion with a couple friends.  As I was unloading the Empulse from the truck, who rolls in but the full battle-dressed Brammo race team with a small flotilla of bi… Go to Source