I’m in the newspaper!

My wife tipped the editor of this weekly item in the Dutch national (but mostly Amsterdam focused) newspaper "Het Parool" a… Go to Source

Saturday Day Ride in not so sunny San Diego

I just got back from a nice Saturday ride. I think winter is hitting San Diego. It's in the 50's!!!! Love the bar risers SunnySideUp! [img width=600 height=450]http:/… Go to Source

Zero PD sales

According to a report in the December issue of City Bike Zero continues to sell their bikes to government agencies.  So far they have sold bikes to police departments in Hong Kong, Bogata, Santa Cruz, Scots Valley, San Jose State University and … Go to Source

Zero FX Camp Based Solar Recharge Project

So it is cold here in Idaho this week and I am thinking about next summer's camp outings and would like to take my Zero FX along and ride it from remote camping locations.   When I started thinking about this I wanted to engineer a solar powered rechar… Go to Source

ESBK.co posts and news

I figured I'd take a cue from Gavin and create a thread for me to put links to my posts in.  Here's our favorite Jeff. [url=http://esbk.co/2013/11/22/esbk-studios-episode-27-interview-with-an-empulse-owner-of-transmissions-aerostich-and-key-fob-testing… Go to Source

Tacita off-road electric motorcycles

Here is an Italian company that is entering the electric off-road and enduro motorcycle market.  The look like pretty nice bikes. You can read the article here: [url=http://rideapart.com/2013/11/electric-road-bikes-italy/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medi… Go to Source

Are you in the Brammo Hall of Fame?

Brammo posted this on Pinterest. Are you there? http://www.pinterest.com/brammo/brammo-hall-of-fame/ If you aren't, perhaps you should post a picture here and they will add you to the gro… Go to Source

mfi wifi power strip

For those of you interested in monitoring power draw of your bikes, here's a wifi-enabled power strip (monitor + control). Looks pretty solid. http://www.anand… Go to Source

More concept electric vehicles

Lit Motors is back with their pickup truck scooter idea:  http://rideapa… Go to Source

Throttle Glitch

First rain of the season in San Francisco produced a disconcerting symptom: At standstill, the bike would not start up with a slight twist of the throttle. No fault code, just no go. Drivers behind me suddenly discovered their horns. Twisting a bit fur… Go to Source