Found this…. I wonder if he is a fan, or an intern? [img width=600 height=399]… Go to Source

Anyone using CHAdeMO ?

Have any Zero riders bought the CHAdeMO option and if so what is that like to use?   What are the costs to recharge at a public station? Here in Idaho there are no CHAdeMO stations to be found but I was looking on PlugShare and it looks like there are … Go to Source

2014 specs, comparison and graphs

Hi all Excited about the 2014 and wrote a long story here Also, included in the story were these graphs [IMG]… Go to Source

Sherco motorcycles electric kids bikes

Sherco motorcycles joins electric kids bike market.. Sherco E-KID Enduro: Sherco E-KID Trial:[img]…

Discovered a secret reverse mode on Zero S !

If you happen to start a zero S 2013 in cold temp (0 degrees C) and try to spin the wheel while maintaining the bike with the front brake and your leg, you might get into this mode, pretty funny ! I turned off the key and turned it on again and it went… Go ...

Looking for weekend riding partners in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hi!  I live in Mountain View, CA, and almost every weekend I go on one or more moderately paced rides to local scenic places on my 2012 Zero S ZF9.  Would anyone be interested in joining me from time to time?  In the past I've found it convenient to ar… Go to Source

Adding ZERO brand to teh ebay motor search list

I just contacted Ebay customer service to ask them to add Zero to the actual search list since it is not in the availlables options. I think this should help customers to discover the product and improove the search result as for electric vehicules sea… Go to Source

3D printed parts to augment the FX

I'm going to design some parts and pieces for the 2014 Zero FX. Just based on the pictures I'm going to start by modeling/making a nice headlight enclosure to conceal the assembly and exposed wires/connectors. I'll be using the Replicator 2X and ABS to… Go to Source

MRA Windshield and Denali Lights

I pulled the trigger this week on a windshield and driving lights to make the bike a bit more comfortable during Chicago's winter. Windshield is an MRA V-flow X-screen: [url=… Go to Source

So I got a gasser

Just put a deposit down on a 2013 Honda CB500X.  Maybe in the next few years when I have it paid off electric will be cheaper with a longer distance so I can finally get one! [img width=580 height=385]… Go to Source