Fed Gov Incentive idea.

I'm planning to get the 2014 FX and was doing some research into the Government incentives that are available. As most people already know: There's a 10% tax rebate on qualified two wheeled vehicles and accessories when purchased on same invoice. Ther… Go to Source

2014 Oset trial bikes announced!

2014 Oset trial bikes announced! :http://www.trialmag.net/11/01/2013/a-hatrick-of-new-mode…

NorCal Mastercraft loses its dealership

I was contacting the closest dealer to me listed on Zero's website and I find out that they no longer have a dealership. They said they lost it about a month ago. That leaves me with only one nearby option. I guess the market isn't big enough to suppor… Go to Source

New Enertia Owner: Shelina Moreda

Now, if we can just get her to join the forum. Go to Source

Interview with Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher

http://sustainablebusinessoregon.com/articles/2013/11/brammos-craig-brascher-on-fundraising.html Go to Source

2014 Kuberg Trex

2014 Kuberg Trex : the big bikes are coming!   [img]https://scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/q71/s720x720/994966_5977233735971…

Now that the new specs are in….

Are you planning to buy a Zero R? Why or why not? Me? Probably not, because of the  added weight. Go to Source

Vectrix is stll around

It looks like Vectrix is still around and have updated their scooter with cool removable batteries: http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/eicma-2013-vectrix-ele… Go to Source

Vectrix is stll around

It looks like Vectrix is still around (at least in Europe) and has introduced an updated model of their electric scooter at the EICMA show.  This version has cool removable batteries.  See more here:  [url=http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/eicma-… Go to Source

FX/DS New Front Forks

I think the new 43mm front forks are these ones from FastAce. http://www.fastace.com/product_detail.php?cid=2&sid=6&pid=360&hc1=1 APX10AR AL6061-T6 SHOCK BODAY AND RIGHT/LE… Go to Source