Contactor(?) Problems.

I'm having an issue… Sad to say, and I thought I'd prevail upon the combined knowledge of people here. A couple of weeks ago my ZF9-S (2012) decided it did'nt want to go. The exact symptoms were when I turned the key on, the lights come on, the dash … Go to Source

Gearing – trying a 42T.

I always get ansy in the winter when I can't ride and the race season is over, so I start thinking about ways to modify my bike.  I worked on my Ducati a few winters ago, my BMW S1KRR last winter, so now it's time to mess around with my Empulse R.  I r… Go ...

Brammo Empulse R makes Engadget’s Holiday Gift Guide

Under the category, "Money is no object." Go to Source

Enertia Plastics and Fender on ebay

Just doing a little house cleaning around the shop here and came across these plastics that have been sitting on the shelf for a few years.… Go to Source

Series hybrid powertrain using Zero motors

I am an aerospace engineer and all these new electric motor developments are a complete game changer for General Aviation(GA) and I want to explore their use to replace the current 80 year old ICE. The batteries are bottleneck for range so let me go st… Go to Source

Cold weather handlebar muffs

If your hands are getting cold during your winter rides, I can recommend these handlebar muffs.  I bought a pair for my BMWs. The muffs only take about a minute to install and I just move them from bike to bike before I ride. They seem to be pretty muc… Go to Source

Extension cord longer than 25′?

I need an extension cord of around 70' to reach my parking spot from my house.  The 2012 DS owners manual says not to use a cord longer than 25'.  Why is that?  If I got a heavy enough gauge extension cord should I be able to charge at 70'? Alternative… Go to Source

Looking for a BATTERY for XU/X/MX 2009 2010 2011?

Having dead 2kWh zero battery? Looking for a working  and great shape replacement battery? I'm your man!.. These battery are becoming very rare and difficult to get even with Zero themself so i decided that it's time to make something of my (like new… Go to Source

Riding into gusty wind

Here is a link to a helpful article written by motorcycling guru David Hough and published by Sound Rider describing six tips for riding into gusty winds: http://www.s… Go to Source

How to replace motorcycle handlebar grips

This article might be helpful to someone interested in replacing their handlebar grips with a new set: [url=… Go to Source