Cold weather and regen

Some time ago I started noticing that my Plus doesn't always slow down when I let go of the throttle. It seems odd that it sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't work but I'm beginning so suspect that it has to do with the temperature of the batteries. … Go to Source

The 26th Annual Toys In The Sun Run

This past Sunday the wife and I participated in the 26th Annual Toys In The Sun Run. time I've done anything like this and we had a lot of fun. The distance from the house… Go to Source

How To…

Well I'm approaching my 6k service fast and don't want to bring the bike to the dealership for this service. These places are charging up to $100/hr and their workmanship is questionable at best. I'm mechanically inclined enough to do it myself. So I t… Go to Source

Drive belt replacement

I am in the process of repairing my broken drive belt on my 2012 DS has anyone done this? and can you tell me the size of the nut on then inside for removing rear swing arm assembly The the 10mm Hex head is locktight. I need to purchase a wrench for th… Go to ...

I’m trying a bigger windscreen

I started by using the dual sport windscreen. It was a big improvement even in summer to avoid insect crashes !!!But for the winter I wanted something more protective. The Zero windscreen is a MRA one. So I took a Vario Windscreen from them with mount… Go to Source

2013 Zero S Rider magazine test

Rider magazine, in the January issue, has a 4-page (almost) full test of the 2013 Zero 11.4 S (better late than never, I guess), starting on page 48.  Unfortunately, the test does not contain their usual dyno run chart.  The review is mostly positive, … Go to Source

2012 2011 XU mods and kits

I starting this tread to list some of the mods I've done to the bikes. Please post some of your own if you have them. 2011 xu Dirt bike conversion [URL=…. Go to Source

First time stranded, B55

First, I'm sitting in a jimmy johns with the bike plugged in outside, and have nothing better to do than write a novel while waiting for mall security to kick me out. We are in the middle of a cold snap here in Chicagoland. It has been in the teens all… Go to Source

Screen Failure?

After 2 years of constant riding the last 2 years have only seen intermittent riding. Last night I was to take it for a longer ride than usual (20mi vs 15mi) and upon checking it was down to 97% so hooked it up for charging to top things off.  Screen w… Go to Source

Power and range lost in freezing temperature

I'm riding in minus zero (Celsius, sorry !) temperature now. I never had a "long" range capability on my 11.4DS but I'm riding as hard as I can as it's always a war between cars and bikes here in France and I have several parts of my trip at 120km/h, n… Go to Source