Adaptable front brake pads

My shop is a long way from home here in France and I'd like to order on internet some new front brake pads. On one post it was said that the pads on 2013's are similar to the ones of another motorcyle, but never which one. Does someone have this inform… Go to Source

Leaving a power pack in a discharged state

"To get the most power pack life, recharge each power pack immediately after each ride. Leaving a power pack in a discharged state will cause damage."This quote is from the 2013 owners manual has me worried. There is a good chance I will not be able t… Go to Source

12V connector

Hi,Does anyone know what type of connector the 12V connector behind the triple tree is? I see that it's the same connector on the 2013 and 2014 but I have no idea what standard they used. It's not the common SAE connectors I've seen used on heated gea… Go to Source

front axle nut torque spec

The manual says 115 Nm??  This cannot possibly be correct. Go to Source

Video of Brammo Bikes at motorcycle show

By a YouTube user "Carlyle's Picks" Electric Motorcycle WITH TRANSMISSION and clutch!! Brammo bikes overview. Go to Source

A Japanese electic motorcycle

Here is another company that wants to enter the electric motorcycle market:—the-japane… Go to Source

Shift Pedal Being So Hard

I just got my empulse r 2 days ago and 300 miles after my shifter is still very hard going through any gear and when I'm in gear with the clutch lever pulled and twist the throttle the bike would move because the clutch is still grabbing. Has anyone en… Go to Source


Birthdammo?EmpulseaƱera? I've had this ridiculous thing for an entire year now.  I can confirm: after 13,000+ miles, it still makes me grin like a total idiot. In celebration (and also as an excuse to go out and ride aimlessly around) we took some pic… Go to Source

Spec 32 at hong kong victoria peak

her first time, and also an embarrass time when parking on slope, LOL Go to Source

many questions to ask !! wish someone can help

what % remain should i recharge the battery is the best for maintaining the battery, i guess it is no good to run out the battery, right? if i ride the bike using 6th gear all the time, even when starting the bike from all stop (of cause i will increas… Go to Source