wish of accessories and modification list

1) a james bond style cool looking pannier case which can attached to the side of the bike for storage of the charger.  (hate to carry it with a back pack, also wish the charger can build in the bike on the coming generation or at least trim down the s… Go to Source

The accessory Zero never told you about

Do you listen to music while riding?Have you wished you knew who's calling while riding?Have you ever wondered what that space next to the throttle is for? Pebble is a smart watch that lets you control the music that's playing on your smartphone, sho… Go to Source

Rider magazine reviews the 2014 Zeros

On page 12 of the March 2014 issue of Rider magazine is a review of the 2014 Zero line.  Unfortunately (and understandably considering that the bikes are just now leaving the factory), their review is not what we would like to see, but it is a f… Go to Source

UK: Brammo is coming

http://www.hybridcars.com/brammo-going-after-uk-market-with-goingreen/ The Americans are coming…1 if by land, 2 if by sea…well I'm sure they will be coming by sea……. Go to Source

Endlich !!!! only german!

Ich habe soeben die Nachricht erhalten, das die Empulse im April kommt!!Und auf der Messe in Tulln ausgestellt wird. Also vom 11.-13. 04.2014 auf nach Tulln zur Bike Austria! Gerhard Go to Source

2010 Enertia For Sale $3,800 3 Sets Of Panels Green, Grayish Silver&Carbon Fiber

I'm picking up my empulse r today so my enertia is up for salealmost 10 k milesThe bike currently has the green panels I got from harlan but I still have my original gray panels and I also have a set of carbon fiber panels from a very good friend in … Go to Source

sport fairing conversion

i really wish to have a sport fairing electric power bike, but i can wait, so i bought the spec 32but if brammo launch a sport fairing conversion kit, i will be the first one to raise up my hand Go to Source

new comers from HK, spec32 owner

hello everybody, i am peter luk from hong kong, and i just have the spec32 and i found it is great, especially the professional services from brammo hk Go to Source

Oset 24 Build

http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=56759 Hi everyone! As my parts are going to start arriving this week Im getting in early with my build-log. This bike has been …

21st century motorcycle maintenance problems

Protip: while removing your USB log drive, don't choose that particular moment to get butterfingers. Last night right before going to bed I was like "hey oh yeah I had some errors today, I should get those logs and send them Brammo's way."  I pull off … Go to Source